Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Enactus JMC

Enactus JMC, formerly known as SIFE JMC, was started in 2007. This social enterprise society’s main objective is empower people from marginalised and deprived segments through creating livelihood opportunities for changing their lives into real, sustainable development for themselves and their communities. Enactus India, the parent organisation has promoted community outreach initiatives with entrepreneurial spirit and mission among the college students. Our society is actively managed presently by 9 core team members from the second year and 78 members from the first year for 2019-20. We are mentored by Dr. Mani Arul Nandhi, first faculty advisor since 2009, Dr. Savita Rastogi, second Faculty Advisor since April 2019 and Ms. Ishita Singh, faculty advisor since 2020. Ms. Gautami Khanna and Ms. Sharanya Verma are the elected President and Vice-President respectively with Ms. Latika Murarka as the General Secretary for 2020-21.

True to its name, Enactus, meaning ENtrepreneurial ACtion for US all, this society functions as an inclusive one with members recruited from diverse departments of the college. Our recruitment process follows a three tier set up to ensure that members selected truly work for empowering the less privileged segments and not only for building their resumes. Recruitment process begins soon after the new academic year starts and all potential first year students need to watch out for applications. The society’s core competence lies in undertaking projects that aim at sustainable socio- economic and environmental impacts on both the target audience (who are drawn from the poor and marginalised groups) and the society as a whole. Since its inception, Enactus JMC team has undertaken various projects. Currently the two projects – Project Dhara and Project Iffat have made meaningful inroads in making a difference in solid waste management where the target audience is poor slum dwellers and women affected by HIV/AIDS respectively. During October 2018, both the projects were shortlisted as top 12 among nearly 140 projects of 37 countries for the World Water Race Competition and Project Dhara reached among the final 4 top projects for the competition that was held in San Hose, California, USA.

In 2019-20, Enactus introduced for the first time an exclusive Enactus event by organising an inter-college G.A.E.A. (Green Affirmative Economic Action) Quiz that focused on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals on 19th September 2019. The Chief Guest was Mr. Aseem Kumar, Head, Asia Pacific Resource Centre, UN Global Connect and Mr. Anurag Krishna, CSR Lead of Tata Consultancy Services was the quiz master. The quiz was followed with an Anti- Plastic cum Recycling Initiative launched on 3rd October 2019 jointly with Mercatus, the marketing society of JMC. The Chief Guest for the inaugural event was Mr. Gautam Gambhir, Member of Parliament and former Indian cricketer. On 15th November, 2019, the college hosted an inter-college workshop on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Workshop conducted by Mr. Terry Torok, Chief Innovation Officer of Enactus (World).

Project Sugam is the third project that Enactus JMC will launch in 2020. It aims to solve the dual problem of open defecation, along with combating the increased plastic waste in our environment today. The project aims to construct public washrooms made of Ecobricks, made from plastic bottles packed compactly with used plastic to a set density, instead of conventional bricks at various locations in Delhi.

The fourth project undertaken by Enactus JMC emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Project Sahaay aims to help small shopkeepers and street hawkers adapt to the “New Normal” through the provision of consultancy services. It has been awarded as one of the “Best Collaborative Ideas” at ‘Enactus Cares: Ideas for Impact Contest’ organised by Enactus India. Enactus society members also undergo various training programs on leadership, team management, project management etc. from Enactus India officials. Our Business Advisory Board members include Mr. Kapil Mohan Kumar, Secretry General, CCAOI, Mr. Kartik Seshan, Manager, Rural Water, Araghyam, Mr. Rahul Rattu, Founder Shoed Up. For more queries, please mail at