Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How can I register myself for the admission to undergraduate courses in the College?

Ans. You can register online for all undergraduate courses through the admission portal URL & follow the guidelines to proceed. Before filling the College form, it is mandatory to complete the registration process at the DU registration portal. You will be asked to provide the DU Form number before filling the College Registration Form

Q 2. I have registered online on the Jesus and Mary College online portal. Do I still need to fill up the offline form for undergraduate admission?

Ans. No, there’s no offline form.

Q 3. Can I apply in multiple programmes/courses in an online form?

Ans. You may select a maximum of threeprogrammes/courses in order of preference through a single online registration form . If you wish to apply for B.A Programme course, you can give three preferences of subject combinations offered under B.A. Programme by the college

Q 4. Is it possible to change/update the information provided by the applicant in the online application form, once the fee is submitted?

Ans. Yes, the applicant can change/update information till the last date of registration with the correction fees of Rs 100.

Q 5. I made an error in my online registration form. Do I need to register again using different email-id?

Ans. No, the portal allows you to register only once. However, you can rectify the error by logging in again into your account and clicking on the “Edit” button till the online registration portal is open & the Registration fee is not paid. After paying the registration fees , you will have to pay Rs 100 as correction charges for making any changes/corrections in your Registration Form, till the last date of registration.

Q 6. How to pay registration fee on JMC Admission Portal?

Ans. The payment is accepted online only through credit card/debit card/Net Banking/UPI.

Q 7. I have made the payment online but have not received a confirmation. Should I make the payment again?

Ans No, Please wait for 24 hours to get a confirmation. Do not make the payment again. If you don’t get a confirmation even after 24 hours, please send an email to

Q 8. I am not able to upload the required document/certificate.

Ans .Please check your internet connectivity. Make sure the size of the file is as per the specification on the admission portal.

Q 9. How does one apply through the ECA or Sports quota? Is there a separate fee for applying to these quotas?

Ans. You can apply for ECA and Sports quota by selecting appropriate options in registration form. There is no any additional fee for applying under ECA or Sports quota

Q 10. Can I apply under more than one special category?

Ans. Yes, you may apply under multiple special categories, for instance Sports + ECA both. Relevant portions need to be filled for every special category you wish to apply for.

Q 11. Is it possible to change my Category once I have paid my registration fee.

Ans. Yes, you can do so by paying a correction fees of Rs 100 till the last date for Registration process.

Q 12. Why am I not able to preview my application and also not able to pay the fee?

Ans. Please ensure that you have:

  • Completed the mandatory fields (marked with red asterisk) on every page.
  • You have uploaded the required documents under the section ‘Uploads’.

Q 13. Will there be any disadvantage for gap year students?

Ans. No, there is no disadvantage for gap year students and they would be treated at par with regular students. They should meet the requisite criteria for admission and must possess the necessary documents/certificates.

Q 14. Will the applicants be given admission on a first come, first serve policy after declaration of cut-offs?

Ans. Admissions in the college are not based on first come first serve policy. Instead, the applicant who has filled the online registration form and satisfies the criteria and cut-off for a particular programme/course in the college will be considered for admission as per the schedule of admission specified by the university of Delhi.

Q 15. I did not have Mathematics in class 12th. Can I opt for B.A. (H) Economics / B.Com. (H)/ B.Sc (Mathematics)?

Ans. No, without Mathematics, you are not eligible for above courses.

Q 16. My results are not yet declared , can I still fill the form?

Yes, you must register yourself by filling and submitting the online registration form. You will be allowed to upload your marks once your results are declared only till the last date of Registration process.

Q 17. Is there any extra fees for applying under any special category including ECA/Sports?

No there is no extra charge for applying under any category. The Registration Charges are Rs 250 only, Correction Charges (where ever applicable) Rs 100