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Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

The JMC Review

The JMC Review: An Interdisciplinary Social Science Journal of Criticism, Practice and Theory

Online ISSN: 2456-9550
Publishing Frequency: Annual
Publisher: Jesus and Mary College
An Interdisciplinary Social Science Journal of Criticism, Practice and Theory

The JMC Review is an interdisciplinary refereed e-journal published annually by Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi. It is a journal of criticism, practice and theory. It covers a range of disciplines including anthropology, cultural studies, economics, education, english studies, history, international relations, philosophy, political science, psychology and sociology. Its aim is to provide an interdisciplinary platform for scholarly debates and exchange of ideas.

The 2020 volume (volume four) is centered on the theme, ‘Debating Education: Issues and Concerns’. Discussions on education have tended to highlight that education as a component of cultural inheritance is a contentious issue. Representing the transfer of knowledge, skill endowment, etc., education harbors the tendency to support and reproduce social hierarchy, as well as the countervailing propensity towards amelioration of vulnerable socio-economic groups. A rich body of work cutting across disciplines like history, sociology, economics, philosophy, among others, has sought to establish the contentious past, ambivalent present and uncertain future of education.

The contemporary conjuncture of the twenty-first century has been identified by some academics, educationalists and activists as a moment of ‘crisis’ in education. Still others have questioned this emphasis on the concept of a crisis, given the continuities between existing and earlier education systems and paradigms. To take these discussions forward, we invite articles that offer critical perspectives from historical, sociological, philosophical, and other social science disciplines.

Volume four of The JMC Review will focus mainly, though not exclusively, on the following sub-themes:

  • Shifts in education policy (e.g. National Policy of Education, 1986; New Education Policy 2020; etc.)
  • Histories of education
  • Curriculum and pedagogical concerns
  • University/Higher education
  • Technical/vocational and other branches of education
  • Funding structures and ‘quality control’
  • Access to education and the labour market
  • Alternative education
  • Public/Private divide: realities of dual education
  • Distance learning and the politics of Gross Enrolment Ratios
  • Campus politics of universities
  • Childhood, child labour and school education system
  • Different disabilities and educational practices

Articles should reach us by June 10, 2020. For queries, contact us on and send a copy also to

The recommended length of articles is 6000 to 8000 words. Articles should be accompanied by an abstract of 200 to 300 words and a list of five key words. The recommended length of book reviews is 1300 to 1500 words. The JMC Review requests that the soft copy of contributions should be sent in MS Word (Times New Roman, Font Size 12, 1.5 line spacing and 1 inch margins) Format. Articles should conform to the Chicago Manual of Style. For more details on style sheet, visit our Guidelines page.