Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Student Council

The Student Council, first formed in 1970, is elected annually through a fair and free democratic process by active participation of second, third and fourth (B.El.ED) year students. It consists of a President (Final year student), Vice-President (Second year student), presidents and vice presidents of departments’ and cultural societies. In the academic year of 2018-19, its total strength was 98. In addition, there was an organizing committee of 35 students who helped the Council with Montage and other college activities. Elected to represent the fellow students, the Council works with the Principal, faculty convenors, and students in organizing events and also build a bridge between the faculty members, administrative staff, and students. Its members help the faculty and the administration in the Admissions process and the Orientation Programme organised for new students annually. It organizes the Freshers’ Welcome Party, Teacher’s Day, the annual College Fest – Montage and Farewell party to the Final year students. It also helps in staging cultural programmes for various College Events. Funding for its activities come from the fees paid towards student aid fund, sponsorships, advertisements, donations and the like.

  Students’ Council Official Email Address:
Convenor Ms. Dolly Kapoor
Member Ms. Monica Chhabra
Member Ms. Sameera Mehta
Member Ms. Varnika Singh
President Fia Subu
Vice President: Kripa Biju