In 1998, Jesus and Mary College of University of Delhi started a Placement Cell for its undergraduate students. The Cell continues to facilitate hassle-free recruitment by establishing an institutionalised mechanism. The Placement Cell, Jesus and Mary College is a professional body incorporated for facilitating recruitment of the country’s best minds by global corporations. It serves as the liaison between the companies and the students and works tirelessly to match the repute and eminence that the college is renowned for.


We wish to equip the students with relevant professional skills and provide them with a plethora of opportunities from companies throughout the country enabling them to have a bright start to their professional lives. Additionally, our endeavour is to ensure the availability of opportunities for Placements and Internships to all sections of students in a fair and equitable manner.


The Placement Cell of Jesus and Mary College aims to meaningfully connect with renowned organisations and organise placement drives to facilitate the recruitment of maximum number of students. We aim is to create opportunities that enable the maximum number of students to secure valuable internships and placements.


The primary objective of the Cell is to provide a variety of employment and entrepreneurship opportunities as a means of assisting young women to become economically independent.

  • Industry Interaction: Facilitate interactions between students and industry professionals through guest lectures, workshops, and seminars, providing students with insights into the professional world.
  • Internship Opportunities: Arrange internship opportunities for students with reputed companies to give them practical experience and exposure to the industry.
  • Career Guidance: Provide career counselling and guidance to students to help them make informed decisions about their career paths.
  • Skill Development: Organise workshops and training sessions to enhance students' skills, such as resume writing, interview preparation, and communication skills, making them more employable.
  • Job Placement: Assist students in securing job placements by inviting companies to the campus for recruitment drives.
  • Alumni Networking: Connect current students with alumni who are working in various industries, allowing them to gain insights and potentially benefit from networking opportunities.
  • Maintaining Database: Keep an updated database of student profiles and keep track of their placement status.
  • Feedback and Continuous Improvement: Collect feedback from students and companies involved in the placement process and use this feedback to continuously improve the services and offerings of the placement cell.

Faculty's Desk

Dr. Renu Gupta

Dr. Richa Krishna

Dr. Anuradha Sharma

Dr. Ruchi Bhalla

Write to Us:

The Placement Cell of JMC has been committed towards bringing excellent work opportunities for its students for the past two decades. With each passing year, we seek to take that excellence to the next level by expanding the network of collaborations.

Our talented students at JMC accomplish even more by being mentored by the learned and dedicated faculty of the college. The placement cell is further facilitating the work readiness of our students through training sessions and enriching interactions with industry experts and our alumni.

Some of the most prestigious companies and organisations have visited our campus in the past and continue to do so for successfully recruiting from our pool of talented, bright students.

We are in the process of making these connections and relations even more far-reaching and diverse. We are committed towards bringing more such partnerships to our campus for the mutual enrichment of all the stakeholders. Our vibrant and high-performing team of students and faculty at the placement cell of JMC are working passionately towards that goal.

We invite you to visit our campus and allow us to introduce to you the bright, creative and diligent students of our institution.

Our Divisions

The Placement and Internships Division

As the Placement and Internship Division of The Placement Cell, Jesus and Mary College, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between the academic world and the professional world by offering students the best opportunities for career development.

We are actively engaged in arranging internship opportunities for students. We collaborate with reputed companies across various industries to provide students with practical, hands-on experiences that are crucial for their professional growth.

We also organise campus recruitment drives, inviting leading companies to recruit our students for full-time positions. Our dedicated team is committed to providing continuous support and guidance to our students throughout their journey, from their first day at college to their graduation and beyond.

The Training and Development Division

As the Training and Development Division of the Placement Cell, Jesus and Mary College, our goal is to foster the holistic development of our students and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen careers.

The Training and Development Division offers a wide range of programs and workshops aimed at enhancing the employability of our students.

Our offerings include Soft Skills Training, Mock Interviews and Group Discussions, Resume Building and Industry Interaction through workshops and knowledge seminars. Our team is committed to providing the necessary support and resources to help our students excel in their careers. We believe in empowering our students to become confident, competent, and successful professionals.