The Placement Cell has had a remarkable year in providing placement opportunities to our final year students. It has been committed to bridging the gap between the corporate world and our students by creating a platform for our students to showcase their talents and abilities.

The Placement Cell Team (Session 2022-23) has tirelessly worked to develop and maintain relationships with potential employers in a variety of industries. Contacting companies, Organizing speaker sessions and workshops, inviting recruiters to campus to interact with students are some ways The Placement Cell has built up good relations with top-notch companies. Moreover, The cell has constantly monitored the job market for job opportunities for the final-year students of all domains. The team has also worked to match students' skills and qualifications with different job opening requirements. It has assisted students in making informed career decisions by providing career guidance and counselling through various sessions.

During this tenure, The Cell conducted In-Person and Virtual Placement Drives from July, 2022 to March, 2023 and brought various Placement opportunities with companies from the likes of Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Genpact, Alea Consulting (Asia), Accenture, BCG, Bain and Co., PwC, Nation with NaMo, ICICI Bank, DeltaX, Godrej, MakemyTrip, D. E. Shaw Group, TresVista, etc.

Overall, a substantial number of students got successfully placed. In the Academic Session 2022-23, we set a record in the number of offers presented to the final year students, which was a 111% increase as compared to the previous Academic Session of 2021-22. With immense pride, the statistics of the Placements in this tenure ranged up to 21.5 Lakhs.

The Placement Cell has been aggressively working upon catering to the needs of students from all courses in the college, we have had placements ranging from the role of an Auditor to an English Professor. The Cell wishes to keep up this initiative in the upcoming tenures and pledges to take this legacy forward.



Students are selected based on their academic performance, technical skills, and communication abilities. The duration of internships can range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the company's requirements. During the internship, students are assigned mentors who guide them and provide feedback on their work.

One of the major advantages of internships is that they give students a chance to apply the theoretical concepts they learn in the classroom to real-life situations. Internships also help students develop practical skills that are highly valued by employers. By working on real projects, students gain exposure to industry practices and work culture, which can help them make informed decisions about their career choices.

Our placement cell has a dedicated team that helps students find internships that align with their career aspirations. The team works closely with companies to identify suitable internships for our students and provides them with guidance and support throughout the process. Students are also given training on resume writing, interview skills, and other soft skills to help them secure the best internships.

  The cell takes immense pride in announcing that the Internship statistics are as follows: The highest stipend earned was 30 thousand INR, the median stipend was 10 thousand INR and the average stipend was 15 thousand INR.

Students Testimonials

The Recruitment Process

Pre-Placement Presentation - Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) serves as a means to clarify details regarding salary break-up, job profile, job location, bond details (if any) etc. of the companies to enable students to be well-versed with all such details. Overall, it is a description to understand what the day on the job looks like.

Subsequent Rounds of Selection - There can be several subsequent rounds of selection, such as, CV Shortlisting/ Group Discussion (GD) Round/ Aptitude Test/ Assignment Round/ Preliminary Round of Interview etc.

Job Offer - A job offer is an invitation made on behalf of the employer to work in the specified job role. Post that, the official onboarding process commences, which is in accordance to the decision made by the candidate.

Official Registration and CV Submission - If a student is interested in a particular Placement opportunity, they need to officially register for the Companies/ Organisations Pre-Placement Talk and submit their CV/ Resume while doing so.

Opt-out Window - After the PPT, the students shall be provided with a specific amount of time to make a well-informed decision as to whether they wish to continue or opt-out of the recruitment procedure.

Final Round of Interview - Final interview is the final assessment of a candidate’s capability, for the specified job role.

Recruiter's Testimonials

We take pride in our commitment to connecting our students with excellent career opportunities. Here are some key placement and internship statistics for the recent academic year:

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