How do I register for the Placement Cell?

The Placement Cell disseminates all pertinent opportunities to first and second-year students through its official group. At the commencement of each academic session, all students are formally requested to become members of this group.

In order to be eligible for Placement Opportunities, third-year students are mandated to complete their registration with The Placement Cell at the commencement of the academic year. This registration process is a crucial prerequisite, ensuring that students are considered for and have access to the valuable placement opportunities provided by the institution. To complete the registration process, students are obligated to submit their personal information in accordance with the guidelines and instructions provided by The Placement Cell.

What types of companies recruit from the college?

In the Academic Session 2022-2023, companies of the likes of, Accenture, Bain and Company (BCN), Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Deloitte, EgioPaathshala, Genpact, Godrej Properties, ICICI Bank, KPMG, MakeMyTrip, Nation with NaMo, PwC, PwC UK, The Oberoi Group, TopHire, TresVista, Z1 Media etc. However the students must note that this list is non-exhaustive.

The Placement Cell facilitated the recruitment drives of premier recruiters across the domains like Finance, Consulting, Marketing, Product Management, Data Analytics, Operations, Human Resources (HR) and many more over the course of its functioning,

Are there any training programmes available to improve my skills before placements?

The recruitment process is systematically organised as follows:

Step 1: Eligible students are provided with a link to a Google form, which must be completed if they intend to attend the Pre-Placement Presentation.

Step 2: The Pre-Placement Presentation is conducted by the respective company, furnishing interested students with a comprehensive understanding of the job profile's roles, responsibilities, and pertinent details. Only those students who attend the Pre-Placement Presentation are deemed eligible to participate in the subsequent stages of the recruitment process for that particular organisation.

Step 3: Following the conclusion of the Pre-Placement Presentation, students who decide not to proceed with the recruitment drive are afforded the opportunity to opt out. Those who choose to continue must commit to completing the entire recruitment process.

Step 4: Subsequent to the Opt Out Period, all candidates wishing to proceed further will be duly informed about the ensuing rounds of the recruitment drive.

What is the eligibility criteria for placements ?

The eligibility criteria for each company's recruitment drive are entirely contingent upon the specific prerequisites set forth by the respective company.These criteria are communicated to the students in advance of the commencement of the respective recruitment drives.

I am a recruiter interested in hiring students from the college. How can I get in touch with the Placement Cell?

Any company that expresses an interest in recruiting students from our esteemed institution is kindly requested to reach out to The Placement Cell via the following email address: placements.jmc@gmail.com

How are students selected for internships and job opportunities

The Placement Cell diligently forwards the candidature of each student who expresses an interest in internship or placement opportunities to the company, adhering meticulously to the guidelines established by our institution. The discretion to shortlist candidates ultimately rests entirely with the company.