Student Resources

Preparation for Aptitude Tests

Preparing for aptitude tests might prove to be stressful for many prospective candidates. It is a chance to demonstrate your abilities to the recruiters and the placement cell is here to aid the students with the same. We have gathered some helpful resources to prepare for the Aptitude tests. Simply visit the links listed below to access the information. Best of luck!

Mock Group Discussions and Personal Interviews

Group Discussion

Group discussion (GD) is a thorough method for determining a person's suitability and eligibility for things like admission, scholarships, jobs, etc. The candidates will be judged based on their observational abilities in the areas of intellect, social skills, leadership, and communication.

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Personal Interview

A personal interview constitutes a meeting organised by a recruiter, wherein the purpose is the assessment of a potential candidate's suitability for prospective employment. The interviewer's objective is to ascertain the candidate's aptitude for the role and their compatibility with the organisation and its team. Concurrently, the candidate endeavours to demonstrate their qualifications as the most fitting choice for both the position and the organisation in question.

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Formats for CV and Cover Letter

Choosing the correct format and information for CVs and Resumes is very crucial for potential candidates during the screening process. To help our students with this task, the cell has compiled CV and cover letter formats that they can simply download and edit. Please find them below: