Our Initiatives

The Placement Cell’s initiatives aim to bridge the knowledge gap and equip students with essential skills for successful recruitment. The Placement Cell's initiatives foster skill development, industry knowledge, and career readiness. They promote engagement and participation, creating a strong ecosystem for students' professional development.

Alumni Connect Sessions

The Training and Development Division facilitates career development through initiatives like Alumni Connect Sessions, that offers industry-specific knowledge and guidance from JMC alumni. Our Alumni Connect Sessions provide a platform for past graduates to give back, share their experiences, and guide the next generation. Our esteemed alumni have covered topics such as industry trends, career development, and the transition from college to the professional world.

Knowledge and Information Sessions

The Training and Development Divison of The Placement Cell focuses on bridging the gap between the academia and corporate sector by providing valuable sessions, seminars, workshops, upskilling and skill building opportunities.

So far, we have conducted 20+ seminars and workshops with a footfall of over 2700+ students in skill enhancement and academic development. Collaborating with renowned institutions like King’s College London, Indian School of Business, S.P Jain Institute of Managament and Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, we hosted career development sessions covering diverse fields such as public policy, research and academia, consulting, economics, international development and so on. We also organized academic skills sessions to improve aptitude for exams like TOEFL and GRE in collaboration with ETS India, therefore providing study tips and test-taking techniques.

"The Placement Cell organises many insightful sessions seamlessly. The sessions were enlightening and helped me identify my areas for improvement. I believe these sessions will greatly benefit my job and internship search and help me upskill myself professionally. "

"There wasn't a single hiccup, glitch, or room for discrepancy from the team. These sessions are invaluable, especially for individuals like me from a purely social science background with limited exposure to the corporate world. "

"The speakers offered numerous valuable tips for my upcoming interviews and how to present myself effectively. I'm genuinely appreciative of this opportunity and look forward to participating in more sessions in the future."

Career Catalysts

The annual Career Catalysts boot camp is dedicated to elevating Personal Interview and Group Discussion skills. These sessions are led by esteemed alumni of JMC, ensuring our students receive valuable insights and guidance.

“I felt confident, well-prepared, and established a strong rapport with the speaker. Her feedback on my resume changes was valuable, and I'm committed to making those adjustments. The interview provided a wealth of information and a significant boost to my confidence.”

“The opportunity to assess ourselves in a corporate-like simulation revealed both our strengths and areas needing improvement. “

“I had so much knowledge to take from Career Catalysts. The alumni were approachable and provided accurate feedback on my weaknesses, often accompanied by illustrative examples. The alumni were warm and cordial, making the interview experience safe and insightful.”

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