Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Department of Hindi

Department is offering many courses including Hons, Core paper for BA Prg. & B.COM.Prg. & CTH .To make pedagogy interesting, we use various forms of art, culture and literature prevalent in their mother tongue, Role-Play method , Adaptation of one literary form to another, Paper presentation, Movie review, Plays, Inviting experts for talks and workshops using various mediums of technology, taking them to on educational tours and providing updated research materials on various topics based on syllabus . Students do important projects like, WOMEN AS HOME MAKER,ENVIORNMENT & LITERATURE,PROJECTION OF COMMON MAN IN HINDI LITERATURE,ANALYSIS OF THREE GENERATIONS. They also do out reach programmes like educating underpriviledged children in their neighbourhood, Changing the attitudes of the community around them through their own transformed personality and volunteering for the BLIND FOUNDATION etc. College provide us an enriched library, technical support. We take care of their emotional, mental and physical health by giving them best counselling in all kind of need.

Hindi Department of Jesus and Mary College has had accomplished faculty with eminent members in fields of Writing & Teaching:-

Prof. Kamal Kumar
  1. 10 Story Collection, ( पहचान, क्रमश:, मदर मेरी )
  2. 7 Novels , ( अपार्थ, अवार्तन, पासवर्ड आदि )
  3. 6 Poetry Collection ( घर और औरत, तुमसे है सवाल आदि )
  4. Many research work on various topics across the Universities
  5. Translation work from Hindi to English ( Mercy killing and other stories, Spring comes in calendar etc. )
  6. Awards : Sahitykar samman by Hindi Academy, New Delhi.
    Sahitya bhushan samman ,Uttar Pradesh.
    Sahityakaar samman , Atlanta ,America etc.
Prof. Prem Singh
  1. Books on various topics ( साठोत्तरी कहानी और परिवर्तित मूल्य, समकालीन कहानी और उपेक्षित समाज आदि )
  2. Poetry collection ( लहर पर लहर , तराना उजास आदि )
  3. Story collection ( मैं गवाह हूँ, आह्लाद )
  4. Awards : Raashtreey puraskaar by Samaj kalyaan ministry
    Sahityik kruti samman by Hindi Academy for ‘Ujaas’
    Rashtrabhaasha gaurav samman

पाठ्यक्रम - सेमेस्टर 4-6