Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology was established in 1971 when Jesus and Mary College, along with Hindu college and Miranda House, was one of the first three colleges in the Delhi University to provide Sociology as an Honours course. Mrs. Meera Mitra and Dr. Manju Varma were the first two teachers to be a part of the department which now has over 200 students. The three year under graduate course equips students to believe in themselves and to do well in their chosen field. Its focus is on the complete development of a confident individual who is socially sensitive and aware.

The students of the department play an active role in all activities conducted by the department. The Sociology Association’s office bearers include the President from the third year, Vice President from the second year and Treasurer from the first year. All the three office bearers along with the teacher in-charge and the association in-charge, discharge all the responsibilities associated with holding talks, organizing programmes and hosting the annual department festival.

The academic year starts off with the department organizing a Fresher’s Debate for the first years. The Department of sociology also organizes its annual inter-college Sociology Festival called "Carpe Diem". The festival includes not only academic related events like talks, discussions, debates, paper presentations but also other non-formal events like ad-mad, dance competition etc., which enables and encourages students to showcase their talent and their aptitude in these numerous fields. The department regularly organizes various talks and discussions by many eminent personalities. The students of the department also releases a Sociology magazine called ‘Meraki’ with contributions by the students of the department . Sociology students also regularly meet as part of a Book Reading Club where they read one book of sociological relevance per month and discuss it.