Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

College Magazine

Cauldron, the English Magazine Society works towards editing and compiling Dimensions, the annual English Magazine of Jesus and Mary College. To generate content, the staff editors and the student-editorial board organise several intra-college events and competitions that accept creative content ranging from photographs to original artwork to political opinion pieces.

Every year, a team of editors, artists, photographers and designers deliberate over each page of the magazine to ensure that the final issue is reflective of the collective vision of the students of JMC in all its heterogeneous variety - be it the critical engagement with contemporary issues or the creative flights of budding poets and storytellers.

Dimensions also chronicles all the latest developments and initiatives taken during the academic year along with the detailed reports on college events.

The Magazine Society endeavours to provide a platform to students to hone their writing and editorial skills and most importantly, to express their aspirations and dreams and the challenges that they encounter while manoeuvring through the labyrinths of everyday existence.

  • Ms. Sugandha Sehgal
Staff Editors
  • Ms. Aneesha Puri
  • Ms. Kashish Dua
Student Editors
  • Sasha Navneet Bhatnagar
  • Priyasha Mohanty