Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Department of Commerce

THE DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE is the largest association of teachers and students in JMC.

  1. The Department of Commerce started in 1972 with only one faculty and 30 students. It has grown till date to accommodate more than 600 students with the expert knowledge of around 20 faculty.
  2. The department places emphasis on practical learning through projects, internships, seminars and workshops at field level by experts drawn from both academia and industry.
  3. The department is very vibrant in the co-curricular activities. It has established various societies throughout these years. These include - The Mercurian Times: E-Newsletter, Management Interaction Cell, Cosmos, Aeon: The Incubation Center, 180 Degree Consulting andLeHR.
  4. All the societies under the Department of Commerce play an important role in enhancing the skills of the students by organizing various activities through which they get an edge in the outside world.
  5. All events are organised with the help of the Commerce Core Team. The team is led by the office bearers, followed by the heads and subheads. Guidance of our Teacher-In-charge, Dr. Savita Rastogi is a big support for these students.
    President - Arshiya Batra, Prog 3rd year
    Vice President - MahekVanjani, Bcom H 2nd year
    Joint Secretary - Sharon Rajasekharan, Prog 3rd year
    General Secretary -Anita Rajan, Bcom H 2nd year
  6. The department has been organising various events since many years. Some of the major events of the department are:
    • Com'Quest, the Annual Business Quiz organized in association with an eminent management institute.
    • Com'Acumen, the Annual Departmental festival.
    • International Conference 2019 on the theme "Social Media: Opportunities and Challenges" held on 28-29th March 2019.
    • National seminars and conventions on different themes.
    • International Conference 2022 on the theme “Evolving Business Strategies in a Transforming Global Environment” during 20-21st January 2022.
Societies under Department of Commerce

1. The Mercurian Times - The Mercurian Times is the first of it’s kind E-Newsletter and Magazine of Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi. The primary objective of The Mercurian Times is that of educating and spreading awareness about journalism and content writing. The society focuses on different forms of content and gives the students a platform to publish their content.

2. Cosmos - Cosmos JMC is an engaging and promising chapter of the campus initiative Echo, established by WWF India, to promote youth involvement in resolving environmental issues through innovation. WWF is a science-based international organization that addresses issues relating to the conservation of species and their habitat, climate change, water wastage and conservation, environmental education and many more.

3. 180 DC - 180 Degrees Consulting (180 DC) provides socially conscious organisations around the world with high quality and extremely affordable consulting services. It works with organisations to develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to whatever challenges they’re facing. It works primarily with organisations that are focused on improving education and health outcomes, achieving environmental sustainability, and/or alleviating poverty.

4. Management Interaction Cell - MIC is the official Management Society of The Department of Commerce, Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi which was established in 2017. This society serves the purpose of incorporating corporate culture and professionalism in the students. It is a student run body with a bunch of like-minded girls, committed towards bridging the intellectual gap between campus academia and the corporate world. We organize corporate visits for real time industry exposure.

5. LeHR - LèHR as a society covers a very significant and often overlooked part of Commerce, which is Human Resource. As a society, the aim is to conduct events for participation but improve the skill-set of our members and tackle a larger audience and highlight the importance of Human Resource to them. LèHR, as an HR Cell, isn’t only restricted to the domain of commerce but caters to the needs and broadens the scope of other fields such as psychology and sociology as well.

6. Aeon: The Incubation Centre – With its unique events, upskilling bootcamps and nationwide competitions, Aeon inducts you into the world of start-ups and ideas. As an Incubation Centre, we help bring your start up ideas to fruition through financing, market research, product development and much more, under the guidance of a mentorship board with seasoned experts. We hosted Khoj - A 2 Day Research and Innovation Bootcamp delivering insights into business strategy and market research by experts working at Disney, McKinsey and more. And, further nurtured the spirit of start-ups and competition with Yojana amassing over 60 pitches from all over the nation. In essence, Aeon is a hub for innovation and ideation, seeking to turn your ideas into successful start-ups.