Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Department of Commerce

The DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE is one of the largest association of teachers and students in JMC.

The Department of Commerce started in 1972 with only one faculty and 30 students. It has grown till date to accommodate more than 600 students with the expert knowledge of around 20 faculty. The department places emphasis on practical learning through projects, internships, seminars and workshops at field level by experts drawn from both academia and industry.

The department is very vibrant in the co-curricular activities. It has established various societies throughout these years. These include - The Mercurian Times: E-Newsletter, Management Interaction Cell, Cosmos, Aeon: The Incubation Centre, 180 Degree Consulting and LèHR. All the societies under the Department of Commerce play an important role in enhancing the skills of the students by organising various activities through which they get an edge in the outside world.

The Commerce Core Team plays a crucial role in coordinating all events, with leadership provided by the office bearers, followed by heads and subheads. The invaluable guidance of our Head of Department, Prof. Dr. Reena Marwah, significantly supports these students. The team is led by:

President - Mahek Vanjani, 3rd-year B.Com. (H)
Vice President - Sur Gupta, 2nd-year B.Com. (H)
Joint Secretary - Sejal Thakkar, 1st-year B.Com. (H)

The department has been organising various events for many years. Some of the major events of the department held this year are:

  1. ComQuest, the National Level Debate Competition organised in association with an eminent management institute, JIMS Kalkaji. It saw participation of more than 100 teams from colleges all across the country. Report of Event
  2. Com'Acumen, our Annual Academic Day was hosted on 6th November 2023. It saw a variety of events hosted by the Department of Commerce namely Marketi Parody, Brand Wars and Meme-ify It. The society's under the Department organised their individual events. Report of Event
  3. A two-day international conference is being conducted on January 29-30, 2024. The theme is: "India @ 2030: Third Largest Economy in the World". It will include technical sessions, panel discussions, and keynotes from industry, academia, and policy sectors. Report of Event
  4. National seminars and conventions on different themes.

The Department of Commerce actively fosters student development by providing valuable internship opportunities. Through these internships, students engage in meaningful projects, collaborate with professionals, and gain insights into the intricacies of the business world. This proactive approach not only enriches their academic journey but also cultivates a deeper understanding of commerce empowering them for future success. Students of our department have the experience of internships with companies and civil society organisations such as Experience Digital, TrackInvest, Time Bazaar, MyDisha, Dream Girl Foundation amongst others.

Societies under the Department of Commerce:

1. Aeon: The Incubation Centre - With its unique events, upskilling bootcamps and nationwide competitions, Aeon inducts you into the world of start-ups and ideas. As an Incubation Centre, we help bring your start-up ideas to fruition through financing, market research, product development and much more, under the guidance of a mentorship board with seasoned experts. This year, Yojana 3.0, was organised by Aeon as part of Com'Acumen 2023, which featured three rounds: Pitch Perfect, Innovate to Navigate, and Start-up Expo. In essence, Aeon is a hub for innovation and ideation, seeking to turn your ideas into successful start-ups. Linkedin Handle

2. The Mercurian Times - The Mercurian Times is the first of its kind E-Newsletter and Magazine of Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi. The primary objective of The Mercurian Times is to educate and spread awareness about journalism and content writing. The society focuses on different forms of content and gives the students a platform to publish their content. The Mercurian Times hosted Evoon 5.0 this year under which they held The Creators' Conclave which saw participation of distinguished panellists from various backgrounds ranging from lifestyle influencing to poetry. They also organised 2 competitions namely Endgame and The Tagline Reel off.

3. Cosmos - Cosmos JMC is an engaging and promising chapter of the campus initiative Echo, established by WWF India, to promote youth involvement in resolving environmental issues through innovation. WWF is a science-based international organisation that addresses issues relating to the conservation of species and their habitat, climate change, water wastage and conservation, environmental education and many more. Cosmos JMC hosted "Pitch-It Green," a business plan competition as part of Com'Acumen 2023. Participants were challenged to put on their thinking caps and present their sustainability-focused business plans. Instagram Handle

4. 180 DC - 180 Degrees Consulting (180 DC) offers socially conscious organisations globally cost-effective and high-quality consulting services. The organisation collaborates with entities to create innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions for their challenges. Its primary focus is on organisations dedicated to enhancing education and health outcomes, promoting environmental sustainability, and/or addressing poverty. Spark 180, an alumni panel discussion arranged by 180 DC, invited our esteemed alumni and Founding Executive Board of 180DC JMC to share their journeys and the impact of 180DC in their careers.

5. Management Interaction Cell - MIC is the official Management Society of The Department of Commerce, Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi which was established in 2017. This society serves the purpose of incorporating corporate culture and professionalism in the students. It is a student-run body with a bunch of like-minded girls, committed towards bridging the intellectual gap between campus academia and the corporate world. We organise corporate visits for real time industry exposure. Envisage 4.0, organised by MIC JMC, comprised of two distinctive rounds: Branding Brigade and Strat Wars. This event offered a platform for participants to showcase their skills and strategic acumen in the dynamic fields of branding and strategy. Report of the Event, Linkedin Handle

6. LèHR – LèHR as a society covers a very significant and often overlooked part of Commerce, which is Human Resource. LèHR, functioning as part of the Department of Commerce at JMC, orchestrated the annual event, tHRive'23, as an integral element of Com'Acumen 2023. The event comprised two rounds. The first round, “BTown CV Bonanza”, required participants to demonstrate their CV-making proficiency. In the second round, titled "Crack the Case," participants engaged in solving challenging cases, showcasing their analytical and problem-solving skills. Linkedin Handle, Report of the Event