Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology emphasizes training in theoretical and applied psychological skills with the purpose of creating students who are high on intra-psychic and inter-personal sensitivity. The various realms of life - cognition, emotion, behaviour and spirituality - are explored with ample amount of space given to both objectivity and subjectivity of human nature. The course is designed to enhance not only knowledge of concepts but also introduce skills required for research and profession as psychologists. Empathetic understanding of the socio-cultural and cross-cultural aspects of community living fine-tune students to become responsible individuals and citizens in a highly globalized environment.

As part of the syllabi related practicum/projects and additional extended outreach programs including interventions, students are exposed to a variety of areas that not only sensitize them to mental health concerns but also sensitize the communities they work with, specifically in domains related to women and maternal health ranging from menarche to menopause, education from childhood to adolescence, life span development from neonatal to geriatrics, and global concerns like environment, migration, religion.

Catharsis - the annual festival of the department- is a wonderful culmination of all its ethos. Every year, a number of talks, panel discussions and engaging competitions and activities are organised centred around varied themes.