Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Department of Political Science

The department was one of the oldest in the college. From 1968 to 1970 it offered courses in BA Pass courses. In 1970, honours course was introduced. The department provides basic skills in liberal arts educations and prepares students for diverse career options- post graduation, research think tanks, law, journalism and the like. It nurtures women to develop greater sensitivity and understanding of political and human behaviour in society. The curriculum covers the core areas of political science: political theory, comparative politics, international politics, public administration and Indian politics. Ms. Zohra Clifford (1968-73) was the first faculty member of the department. Ms. Kiran Nanda (1968-2012), Ms. Rajarajeswari (1969-95), Dr. Monica Chopra (1972-2016), Dr. Pamela Bhatia (1972-2015) and Dr. Usha Chug (1983-2018) are the other permanent retired faculty members who have contributed to the growth of the department. The department, believes not only in excellence in academic arena but also equal devotion to extracurricular activities such as Debating, Hindi dramatics, Music, Photography. The department organises talks and seminars on various issues such as human rights, feminism, society and civil movements etc."Politologue" the department's academic and cultural festival is a fun-filled, interactive event which is designed with an objective to enhance and develop analytical , creative and public speaking skills of students.

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