Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Poetry Society

The Poetry Society of Jesus and Mary College was set up in 2018 and it currently has over 30 members. The objective of the society is to provide poets a platform to learn, grow, and express themselves and to promote all forms and languages of poetry. The society aims to encourage both paper and performance poetry, through regularly organised open mics, writing sessions, slam poetry competitions, and workshops.

The society conducts multiple events annually, including an English Poetry Slam Competition called “Tailored Verses” and a Hindi and Urdu Slam Poetry Competition called “Lafzon Ki Numaaish.” Other events include collaborations with other colleges, open mics, writing sessions, performance sessions, and workshops by renowned poets from all over the country. The society is a platform for expression and provides a safe space to share. It opens doors and provides you great opportunities.


Dr. Susan George


Muskan Sethi 9810225179

Vice President
  • Aditi Dwivedi 6387214334
  • Aan Mary Suresh 9205801995
Activities/events conducted in 2018-19

The Poetry Society was established in 2018 by its founding presidents, Radhika Sharma and Hitha Sanghi. Apart from holding weekly writing sessions and Open Mics with renowned poets such as Shubhra Awasthi and Angshuman Sarma, the society collaborated with the History, Sociology and English departments of the College respectively to organise poetry slams on the topics Gender Conformity, Mental Health and the LGBTQIA+ community. The Society also organised the following events:

  • Workshop -Introduction to Slam Poetry and Difference between Written and Spoken Word Poetry.
  • Annual Hindi-Urdu Slam Poetry Competition ‘Lafzon ki Numaaish’, which received over 60 entries from poets who wrote on the theme ‘Ghar ka Rasta’
  • In collaboration with the Poetry Society of St. Stephen’s College, conducted the event ‘Poetry in the Park’ which witnessed the participation of 60 poets from both the colleges and was covered by ‘The Times of India’.
  • Annual English Slam Poetry Event - ‘Tailored Verses’. Received over 120 registrations out of which 30 poets were shortlisted to perform on the day. The event was judged by renowned poets, Meghna Prakash and Abhijit Khandkar.
  • Radhika Sharma, President of the society was the featured poet at Kommune Roots Slam and MojoJojo Gurgaon Gathering; Muskan Sethi, the Vice President of the society was awarded the 1st prize in the St. Stephen’s Poetry Slam.
Activities/events conducted in 2019-20
  • Orientation
  • 4th August: Auditions, 28th August: Induction
  • 4th September: Session 1 on difference between performance poetry and written poetry
  • 6th September: Open Mic
  • 11th September: Session on Amrita Pritam’s Poetry
  • 13th September: Open Mic
  • 18th September: Session on Performance Poetry by Radhika and Hitha
  • 20th September: Intra College Open Mic
  • 25th September: Prompt Writing Session
  • 27th September: Open Mic (Theme: Mental Health)
  • 4th October: Feedback based Sharing Session
  • 18th October: Open Mic
  • 19th October: “Poetry in The Park” with Sri Venkateshwara College