Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Troubadours, The English Theatre Society

Theatre will always be there to welcome you home. At Troubadours there is a place for every kind of performance aficionado, and we are enthused to empower dramatic talent in all its various manifestations.

From desi improv genius to Shakespearean proscenium theatre; we incorporate references from all over drama’s diverse history. Dominantly bilingual, our work nevertheless speaks to contemporary issues through adaptation.

Relatively nascent in its formalization, the society is moving from strength to strength and always looking to push the bar just a little higher. We have a budding team of actors, scriptwriters, and a strong production team that has been learning on the fly through workshops that the society has been conducting over the last two years. Troubadours seeks new talent and hopes to make its mark on Delhi’s theatre circuit.

The society has previously managed to bolster its entrepreneurial vision by collaborating with ‘Theatre Leela’ and ‘Asmita Theatre Group’ to raise its own funding. Through a mix of sponsorship and the society’s members strategically working together during other college events, the team has proved JMC’s dedication to women’s empowerment in its very essence.


Jennifer Monteiro (Convenor)


Ms. Ishween Mehta 8700473022

Vice President

Ms. Ishita Dhir 8860770906

Activities/events conducted in 2018-19
  • 2018-19’s annual production was an adaptation of Noel Coward’s celebrated English comedy, Blithe Spirit, which was adapted into a British-Indian setting. The year started with St. Xavier’s Jaipur, an outstation competition, where we were selected in the prelims, and were given the opportunity to present our full play for the finals.
  • The society was also selected to perform in the final round of St. Stephen’s prestigious annual event ‘Rajpal 2019’ after making it through the preliminaries.
  • Additionally, we hosted the preliminary round of our own annual competition ‘Stagecraft 2019’ in February where we invited thirty teams out of which, four were selected to perform on the day of the main event during ‘Montage 2019’. Varun Chopra, an Indian filmmaker based in Los Angeles, and Ms. Sameera Mehta, an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, JMC, were our judges for the prelims. One of our title sponsors, ‘Theatre Leela’, were our esteemed judges for the final competition.
  • Not only did the society fulfil its collegiate aims, it also stepped up to present its best face for the PTSA award ceremony in honour of JMC’s Golden Jubilee year. Presenting, “Reflections”, a short skit focalizing the deep desires of women shackled by societal constrictions, Troubadours finally entered a new exploratory space that the society hopes to further in the coming years.
  • 2019-20’s first semester has started off with the utmost enthusiasm. Though it is still in the early stages, we received a great response from the freshers during auditions in August.
  • Ever ready to transform, the society decided to create new leadership roles to handle Scriptwriting, Finance, PR, and so on this academic year. It has helped streamline the responsibilities of the third years.
  • The team also decided unanimously to hand over all acting roles to the first years so as to train them from scratch and give them the widest possible field to develop and hone their skills.
  • IIT Kanpur was the first competition the team was selected to participate in, in the month of October, 2019.