Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

About Mercatus

Mercatus, the Marketing Society of the college is a young society that started functioning in 2015 but has since come a long way in marking its presence in terms of its programs, events and enthusiastic members. Mercatus is known for its fun-filled offline and online activities that showcase as well as hone the skill of marketing, advertising and communications along with anything under the sun. As Mercatus grew, so did the membership from different departments when the potential students seeking membership realized that marketing goes beyond knowing the product and the customer to win profitable solutions for both. Today there are over 150 student members across 6 departments. Dr. Savita Rastogi, Convenor of the society and the teacher members Ms. Vrinda Moda and Ms. Priya Dahiya constantly guide and inspire the society members to take the society to greater heights. The society is represented and led by Ria Malik as the President and Cidra Humayun as the Vice-President for the academic year 2022-23.

Our Events

The most popular events of the society that see a large number of footfalls are creatively designed each year by various teams who come out with innovative events and activities. Amusement Day, a day many DU college students look forward is full of fun, frolic and of course, cracks your marketing wits. The running theme of Amusement Day-Back to Childhood, takes all participants down memory lane to reminisce about their own kiddy-lives. This is accompanied by enthralling live performances by various artists and performers to entertain crowds.

One big bang event of the society is its Annual Marketing Convention called Zion which is normally held in the even semester. Besides marketing-centric, serious competitions such as MarkTrade, Mark-Tank, Guess-o-Disguise and Ad-Mad etc, the highlight of this convention are the speaker sessions and panel discussions with various marketers from the corporate, startups and self-employed professionals. This year, Ms. Nitibha Kaul was the keynote speaker at Zion.

Value Creation

Team Mercatus feels deeply about giving back to society and creating value in our surroundings. Since its establishment Mercatus has been involved in launching groundbreaking initiatives and rallying behind a variety of causes.

The society boldly went ahead in launching two green initiatives to become a society that believes in sustainable marketing. In collaboration with Enactus, it jointly started an ongoing campaign on 'Anti Plastic cum Recycling Initiative' to reduce single use plastics by productively recycling them in partnership with ShynaEcounified India Pvt Ltd. Inaugurated by Gautam Gambhir on 3rd October 2019, 1300 kgs of plastics collected were given to the company for recycling into plastic tiles. The second cycle of plastic collection took place on 6th November 2019. We stepped forward in our sustainable marketing initiative by starting JMC Crockery Bank, which lends FREE crockery to all departments and societies for reducing the volumes of plastic crockery used in our college functions.

Recently, we announced our new venture “Community over Competition ''. With this program we take a step towards adding extra-curricular activities to the usual academic courses! This initiative is in collaboration with Teach for India.We plan to inculcate various performance arts like dance, art, music, and theater, with an aim to uplift and empower the underprivileged, by helping them explore their interests outside the walls of the classroom.

We also launched the VIRTUAL BAZAAR, an initiative in partnership with Trikon Society. Virtual Bazaar is an online platform for selling merchandise. It will be a virtual store to purchase various handmade products including Dhoop sticks, Dhoop cones of various fragrances, baskets of utility and the magnificent Aipan Art made by the women artisans of Trikon. Trikon Society is a governmental organization run by a group of professionals, with the objective to provide experiential learning and vocational training programs to empower and develop a weaker section of the society, towards self-dependence which would enable them to lead more effective & satisfactory lives along with the mainstream. We hope to create a positive impact and help get the efforts of these wonderful women recognised.

Mercatus’ Creativity Department went above and beyond to launch the thrift store initiative to promote handmade products among students by selling paper crafts, digital art, paintings and decorative items at reasonable costs. This initiative aims to bring back the fading culture of handmade products in this era of environmentally destructive mass production.

Join Us

Mercatus recruits twice a year in the months of August and January. Our recruitment drive sees a plethora of creative, hard-working and ambitious young women with a common interest in marketing sit for interviews and situational questions to emerge as beloved members of the society.