Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

English Debating Society

Bringing to you a plethora of knowledge quenching, self-fulfilling and highly substantive arguments to enrich your day, The English Debating Society (EDS) of Jesus and Mary College is group of students driven with the idea that they can conquer the world through the means of their bold approach and profound likeness towards a not so sophisticated yet appealing form of discussion i.e., debating. The Society has certainly been making its mark in each nook it stepped foot into, over the past two decades.

Driven with a sense of belonging and undying love for debating students and faculty make a unified effort towards running this society of serenity of tone and argumentation of thought. The faculty consists of the Ms. Megha Jacob (Convenor), Ms. Najia Zeb (Co-Convenor) and Ms. Varnika Singh (faculty Advisor) who are a source of constant support.

Throughout the year the society is engaged in mindful one-of a kind activity to draw student participation not just from JMC but also from colleges across the country. Our annual event being the prestigious Natasha Ranjit Memorial Debate, exquisitely a parliamentary debating competition witnesses participation of 200+ students. Conventional and Parliamentary are the 2 forms of debating, the society widens its horizons into. Other popular events held by the society are A.D Shroff Elocution, collaborative debate with Indian Oil cooperation Ltd. and conventional debating competition as a part of Montage (annual college fest) and incase of inhouse, the society does conduct regular mocks where you are trained with important insights into topics like feminism, politics, international relations etc. another important practice being training programs with experts.

The same is continued in an online mode despite the challenges proposed by the pandemic. Also the students participate in multitude of competitions held by other colleges and groups ranging from international to inter-college and has managed to bring laurels throughout. One of the substantive win of the society was the International Rotary- Rotract debate where our Ex- president (Pramiti Singh) and Ex- Vice president (Ishani) brought home an international trophy along with a cash prize of Rs. 1,12,500 in the year 2020. The society is proud to have its members regularly bring wins at national level for the college.

During the election season, seats for the President, Vice-President and Secretary of the society are up for grabs. The elections happens in the most fair manner currently been taken by Pratistha Khanna (President), Ishika Sood ( Vice President) and Anusha Singh (General Secretary) . EDS also gives you a chance to represent your unique and different identity while wearing similar t-shirts and varsities to show our strength and representing a feeling of togetherness.

Those who harbor a zeal for debating and ample opportunities for representation undergo a thorough process including filling the registration form followed by Group Discussions and then Personal interviews for those selected in the previous rounds. Each year the society receives around 250 applications out of which only around 20-25 are selected. If you believe you could make it to this elite yet humble group, please fill the form below:

The English Debating Society Form Eds - Website

Ms.Megha Jacob
Email Id:
Contact No.: 9718426112


Ms Pratishtha Khanna
Email Id:
Contact No.: 8360446202

Vice President:

Ms Ishika Sood
Email Id:
Contact No.: 7986203072

Competitions and Tournaments Held in Academic Year 2018-19
  • Conventional Debate at Montage 2019
  • Natasha Ranjit Memorial Debate, 2019
Competitions and Tournaments Held in Academic Year 2019-20
  • IQAC Conventional Debate 2019
  • Conventional Debate, CarpeDiem’ 19
  • AD Shroff Elocution Competition’19
Tournaments Participated In Academic Year 2018-19
  • PEC
  • GGS Freshers PD
  • KMC Freshers PD
  • IIT Freshers PD
  • SRCC Freshers PD
  • Hindu PD
  • Motilal Nehru College PD
  • KMC PD
  • St.Stephens PD
  • Ram Manohar Lohia PD
  • KNC PD
  • Ramjas PD
  • ZHC PD
  • Gargi PD
  • Dyal Singh PD
  • Thadani debate
Tournaments Participated In Academic Year 2018-19
  • Amity PD
  • CBS PD
  • Trivium X,PEC PD
  • GGS Freshers PD
  • KMC Freshers PD
  • SRCC Freshers PD
  • CVS Knockout Freshers PD
  • NSUT Freshers PD