Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

English Debating Society

The year that was: 2022-23

The JMC Debating and Declamation Society (EDS) is an inclusive space for students to be able to think and debate about burning issues. This society is a space where all of us come together to discuss ideas, schools of thought and to deliberate on opinions which have the potential to nurture a healthy culture of asking questions, sensitively debating issues and nurturing well-found opinions. We recognize debating as an all-inclusive activity. We believe that anyone can debate, for all one needs is to have the ability to think and question, and a supportive ambience to pick up public-speaking and research skills. With this approach, EDS has organized frequent mock sessions, relevant film screenings and non-competitive open-mic sessions.

The society’s members are recruited after a screening process involving interviews and group discussions. The process ensures that the recruits have the aptitude, interest, and commitment required for debating. The inclusion of fresh talent strengthens society and has contributed to its intellectual growth. Following from our first-year recruitment drive in the 2022-23 session, we proceeded to host from 24th to 26th April 2023 the Natasha Ranjit Memorial Debate. This national tournament was organized in the physical mode after a three year gap due to the pandemic.

Although, merely, a list of achievements cannot be sufficient to estimate the potential of those who have been a part of this family, we present before you some accolades of our members and their stellar performances. Recently, our members have attained noteworthy achievements that have ushered JMC back into the wider debating circuit. Nandini Dube broke as an adjudicator at St. Stephen’s ProAm British Parliamentary Debate competition. Winners of the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) x JMC Conventional Debate held in November, 2022 were Aakarshi Srivastava (who won Best Interjector), Adamya Raj (who won Second Best Interjector), Harrgun Kohli (being First Runner Up) and Simran Swaika (the Second Runner Up). Srushti Sharma and Nandini Dube were recently able to break at KNC's debate competition- "Munazraah, while Snehil Smriti bagged the first prize at Maitreyi's Conventional debate competition-'Adamya 4.0' and the third prize in Shyam Lal College 'Extemporaneous-22'. Dhwanee broke 12th on tabs, as an adjudicator at Mukhtalif’ 23. Meanwhile, our members have been at a multitude of events, both, within as well as outside college.


Dr. Maya John
Department of History; Email Id:

Staff Advisors

Dr. Jessy K. Philip
Department of Sociology; Email Id:

Department of English; Email Id:

Ms. Sameera Mehta
Department of English; Email Id:

Dr. Mark V. Gideon
Department of Political Science; Email Id:

Student Office-bearers: 2022-23

Khushi Arora
(III year BA Program): President

Soumya Arora
(II year Political Science Hons): Vice President

Competitions and Tournaments Held in Academic Year 2022-23
  • Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) Debate 2022
  • Open-mic on "Continuing Legacies of the Revolutionary Freedom Movement: From the North-East to the North-West, From Hijam Irabot to Bhagat Singh"
  • Conventional Debate for Freshers 2022
  • Natasha Ranjit Memorial Parliamentary Debate 2023
Competitions and Tournaments Held in Academic Year 2019-20
  • IQAC Conventional Debate 2019
  • Conventional Debate, CarpeDiem’ 19
  • AD Shroff Elocution Competition’ 19
Tournaments Participated In Academic Year 2022-23
  • GGS Freshers Parliamentary Debate (PD)
  • KMC Freshers PD
  • IIT Freshers PD
  • SRCC Freshers PD
  • KMC PD
  • St.Stephens PD
  • KNC PD
  • Ramjas PD
  • ZHC PD
  • Gargi PD
  • NSUT Freshers PD
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Journey of The English Debating Society 2022-23