Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

English Debating Society

TheEnglish Debating Society has been running for over two decades now.It offers members with a platform to come together and understand the world, by engaging with diverse perspectives on various social issues.Furthermore, it provides a space where critical thinking, dissent and expression of thoughts is always encouraged.Members of the society participate in various national level parliamentary debating tournaments held across the country and also win laurels at the same.Out of the various events that we ourselves organise, our annual parliamentary debating tournament,known as the Natasha Ranjit Memorial Debate is looked forward to by many! In addition to this,the society arranges for practice debates, known as mocks and matter sessions,which help members gain knowledge on different topics.

The English Debating Society held several successful conventional debates over the last year and a half,all of which saw enthusiastic participation from students all over Delhi University. Each debate saw participants deliver thought provoking speeches and try their hand at winning the cash prizes. From 22nd to 24thMarch the society organized the 10th edition of its annual Parliamentary Debate, Natasha Ranjit Memorial Debate(NRMD).NRMD is an Asian 2v2 Parliamentary Debate,one of the most competitive of its kind in the Delhi circuit,and attracts over a hundred participants from all over India each year.2019 was no different,as the tournament saw debates worth remembering on each day.


Ms.Megha Jacob


Pramiti Singh +919560809069

Vice President

Ishani Mukherjee +918178495033

Competitions and Tournaments Held in Academic Year 2018-19
  • Conventional Debate at Montage 2019
  • Natasha Ranjit Memorial Debate, 2019
Competitions and Tournaments Held in Academic Year 2019-20
  • IQAC Conventional Debate 2019
  • Conventional Debate, CarpeDiem’ 19
  • AD Shroff Elocution Competition’19
Tournaments Participated In Academic Year 2018-19
  • PEC
  • GGS Freshers PD
  • KMC Freshers PD
  • IIT Freshers PD
  • SRCC Freshers PD
  • Hindu PD
  • Motilal Nehru College PD
  • KMC PD
  • St.Stephens PD
  • Ram Manohar Lohia PD
  • KNC PD
  • Ramjas PD
  • ZHC PD
  • Gargi PD
  • Dyal Singh PD
  • Thadani debate
Tournaments Participated In Academic Year 2018-19
  • Amity PD
  • CBS PD
  • Trivium X,PEC PD
  • GGS Freshers PD
  • KMC Freshers PD
  • SRCC Freshers PD
  • CVS Knockout Freshers PD
  • NSUT Freshers PD