Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Puzzle Society

With the aim of solving every puzzle in the vicinity in our hearts and determination to make a mark for ourselves, The Puzzle Society of Jesus and Mary College is a unique, one-of-a-kind group of like-minded intellectuals aimed at honing much more than puzzle solving abilities and are the first ones to have a society dedicated to puzzles in the University of Delhi.

The society, due to its sophisticated core team-members set up, ensures that each member is provided with ample opportunities to develop their minds in tandem with their personalities. At the Puzzle Society, we push you to think outside the box with just the right amount of guidance and support to mould you into capable humans and leaders. Our weekly puzzle meets keep the members’ creative juices flowing with demanding mental workouts coupled with the cyclic task of coming up with innovate puzzles. Our maiden Puzzle Fest- Eureka- with a footfall of 300+ registrations from across the country, was an absolute pleasure for both the participants and organisers - leaving us eager to come back with a bigger, grander and even more stimulating fest this year. Our perpetual collaborations with various other societies and departments keep us on our toes and provide us with year-round opportunities to develop our personalities.

The Covid-19 pandemic may have taken us by surprise, much like the rest of the world, but it has not dampened our spirits for we continue to persevere and deliver high performance. We divide our responsibilities into four departments, namely, Research Department: responsible for exploring and creating authentic puzzles; Marketing Department: curating events and society outreach, also ensuring quality social media presence; Sponsorship Department: onboarding good sponsors for societal events; Technical Department: handling design and technical aspects of the society. Over the past year we have discussed a multitude of puzzles like battleship, masyu, futoshiki, calcudoku, cryptogram, hitori, nonogram, nurikabe, tridoku, anagram, interview puzzles. We also corroborate our members by hosting constructive webinars by reputed speakers to provide good exposure in the field of puzzles.

If you harbour love for solving puzzles, wish to sharpen your skill sets or yearn to try an otherwise daunting activity out, the Puzzle Society is the perfect place for you - for here, we are much more than a society; we are a group of girls’ determined to better ourselves, to challenge ourselves and strengthen ourselves collectively; here, we test our limits, analyse them meticulously and then push beyond them as a team.

We have a simple 2-round form and interview process for students who wish to join us and updates regarding the same are regularly posted on our social media pages. Make sure you follow our pages for more information.


Dr. Daisy Sales
Email Id:
Contact No.: +91 9818622886

Faculty Advisor:

Ms. Smita Gupta
Email Id:
Contact No.: +91 9999269808

Faculty Advisor:

Ms. Megha Jacob
Email Id:
Contact No.: +91 9718426112


Ms. Akrity Jain
Email Id:
Contact No.: +91 7974314909


Ms. Ananya Talwar
Email Id:
Contact No.: +91 8171160401

Activities/events conducted in 2018-19
  • Fresher's puzzle event
  • Sudoku workshop and competition(in collaboration with Logic Masters India)
  • Health-o-maze(in collaboration with Bvoc. Healthcare)