Thou art light, fill me with thy light
Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Kahkasha , Dramatics Hindi

Kahkasha, being a Nukkad Natak society, develops an annual production on a social topic and works to spread its awareness in and around Delhi. Kahkasha puts up public performances, participates in various competitions in and outside Delhi, and holds workshops and awareness drives.


Dr. Preeti Ranjan Ghosh (Convenor)


Ms. Pranjya Grover +91 9721136727

Vice President

Ms. Rimjhim Singh +91 9999369136

Activities/events conducted in 2018-19
  • 1st - Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
  • 1st - Institute of Home Economics
  • 1st - International Management Institute
  • 1st - Aryabhatta College
  • 1st - Satyawati College Eve.
  • 1st - Institute of Home Economics
  • 1st - Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology
  • 2nd - Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology
  • 2nd - Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies
  • 2nd - Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women
  • 2nd - Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology
  • 2nd - New Delhi Institute of Management
  • 2nd - Institute of Innovation in Technology and Management
  • 2nd - Zakir Husain college
  • 2nd - Motilal Nehru College
  • 2nd - Hindu College
  • 3rd - Janki Devi Memorial College
  • 3rd - Lady Irwin College
  • Special Mention - Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma college
  • Best Music - Acharya Narendra Dev College
  • Best Actress (Shreeja Shekhawat) - MSIT
  • Best Actress (Yaashi Agarwal) - IGDTUW
  • Best Actress (Yaashi Agarwal) - IIMC
  • Best Actress (Pranjya Grover) - Udaan Mahotsava
Activities/events conducted in 2019-20
  • 1st- Mood-i Prelims Hosted Aawaz’19 and conducted workshops in Sanjay Camp, and public performances across Delhi.