Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Mudra: Western Dance Society

Mudra, the Western Dance society of JMC stands for vibrance, energy and passion... Passion for life, love and most of all DANCE. The Society presently has 24 members drawn from various courses of study

Why you should join the Society

If you enjoy expressions through music and dance this is the Society for you!

  • You get the opportunity to express yourself
  • You work with a team and make new friends
  • You will have fun!
What the Society does

Mudra performs at freshers, PTSA, Montage and farewell. Two events are organized at Montage-Chimera: western dance and choreography. Members of Mudra compete in many colleges in and outside Delhi University

Mudra won Channel V Nokia Indiafest in 2012 and has stood first in many events in Delhi University colleges like DCAC, LSR, St. Stephens, Dyal Singh, Daulat Ram; and also in Amity, IIT Delhi and Kanpur. The Society has also secured positions at SRCC, SSCBS, Miranda House, GGS, Deshbandu etc. Mudra was declared the best performing team in Delhi Dance Fever 2011-2012

Joining the society

Annual auditions are held for interested students to join as members. Dates for auditions are posted on the College Notice Board.


Dr. Shruti Tohan


Ms. Prerna