Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Research Supervision

List of Faculty Recognised as Research Supervisors
S.No Name of full time teachers who are Ph.D supervisors Year of Recognition as Research Guide Name of the scholar Year of registration of the scholar Year of Submission of Thesis Title of the Thesis
1 Dr. Amita Tiwari 2018 Mandeep 2018 Ongoing Pragatiwadi hindi kavita aur stri prashna
2 Dr. Sharda Bhatnagar 2019 Subhash 2019 Ongoing Unniswi sadi utharadar ka ghadi boli aandolan aur hindi asimta ki behesen
3 Dr. Reena Marwah 2018 Neha 2019 Ongoing Trends and prospects of India's trade with ASEAN +5": A study of the last 20 years ( 2001- 2020)
4 Dr. Vibha Mathur 2019 Shankar Jyoti Doley 2019 Ongoing Not Yet Decided
5 Dr. Vinita Kshetrapal 2013 Shyamolima Ghosh Chaudhary 2013 2018 New Discourses on womanhood and the negotiation of feminine identity
6 Dr. Shefali Mishra 2018 Anu Radha Bhagat 2018 Ongoing Cultural Influence on emotional intelligence among rural and urban youth in India
7 Dr. Maya John 2018 Mohd. Bilal 2018 Ongoing History of servants of India Society (1905-1950): Exploring the relationship between constitutionalism and labour movement
8 Dr. Alka Marwaha 2011 1.) Rashmi Sehgal Thukral 2011 2016 Decomposability of Nonnegative r-Potent Operators
2.) Premraj Meena 2019 Ongoing Invariant Subspace Problem