Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

International Collaborations

Name of the institution/ industry/ corporate house Year Duration List the actual activities under each MoU year wise # students/teachers
Concordia College – New York 2015 3 Years (To be renewed) Orientation Programmes for students held every year 100
JMC Students transferred to Concordia College, New York after completing 2 years at JMC and given credit for the courses done 2
Christian Dimetri University, Romania 2019 Ongoing
North China University of Technology, Beijing, China 2019 Ongoing Visit of a delegation of 5 senior Faculty Members of NCUT to JMC to interact with the JMC Faculty and plan the future activities 22 Faculty Members of JMC + 5 Professors from NCUT
Planned visit of faculty of JMC for a conference at NCUT, Beijing 12 Faculty members from Department of Commerce
Oriel College, University of Oxford 2019 Ongoing Orientation By Danny Pan (Representative) 50 students + 1 Teacher
Magdelene College, University of Cambridge 2019 Ongoing Orientation By Danny Pan (Representative) 50 students + 1 Teacher
Students completing the Summer Course One
India Study Center, Chiang Mai University, Thailand 2019 Ongoing 1.Visit of Thai Delegation to JMC on February 19, 2019. 9 senior members of Chiang Mai University, Principal JMC, 5 faculty members of JMC and Depty Dean, International Relations, University of Delhi attended.
2. Dr. Reena Marwah (Associate Professor, JMC) was invited by Chiang Mai University , Thailand , to speak on the occasion of the launch of their India Study Center on April 24th, 2019. One
Trak Invest 2019 Ongoing Students of JMC have registered on the virtual gaming site and are learning by trading online with virtual money 100
QED Group, USA (Global Consulting Firm) 2019 Ongoing Orientation on the launch of the Center for Global Data Visualization, 2019 105 Students, 11 Teachers*
Hackathon-Visualizing the Refugee Crisis, 2019 45 Students