Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light


Acquisition Section

This section is mainly responsible for acquisition of books and other reading materials. This section receives approvals or recommendations from faculty members which are later reviewed by Library Committee members of different departments. Later, the librarian on the final approval of Committee places order to its empaneled vendors of University of Delhi to acquire those books. After that the books are accessioned in this section and transferred to the Technical Processing Section for cataloguing, classification, indexing and database entry.

Processing Section

This section is responsible for processing of procured books and acts as a bridge between Acquisition and Circulation Section. This section classifies and catalogues the procured books and sends the covers of books for display in New Arrivals Display Area for two weeks’ period. After two weeks, old covers are then replaced with new covers and this process remains continue throughout the year. All processed books are kept in stacks for circulation. A core list of the processed books of every subject is prepared and mail to concern Library Committee Members at the end of the year.

Circulation Section

This section is mainly responsible for issue, return and renewal of documents and other various functions which includes registration of new members, reminders for overdue books, reservation of books, renewal of membership cards, maintenance records and files, statistics and Inter-Library loans

The library issue books according to the entitlement category of its respective users as follows:

Category No.of Books
UG Student 3
PG Student 5
Faculty Members 10
Non Teaching Staff 5
Periodical Section

Periodical section deals with the subscription and renewal of Print Journals, Magazines and Newspapers. This section manages and also follow up the publishers/vendors for non-receiving publication issues, sending reminders to them and final disposal for issues not received by the library.

Reference Section

As the name suggests, this section mainly helps the users to find their required information from various sources for references only. It manages the reference collection of the library which includes rare and expensive materials. Reference section possess special collections like encyclopedias, dictionaries, biographies, atlases and other resources for user's references. These sources provide background information or help users to find other sources. They are also great for quick facts, statistics, or contact information, and can be useful for learning specific vocabulary.

Book Bank

Books from this section are loaned to the students for the entire academic year. Preference is given to the needy pupils. To use this service, students have to apply in writing by August 1st every year and return the same books before obtaining their library clearances.