Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light


  • All bonafide students can be the members of the library. To secure her membership, student is required to fill up the prescribed Membership Application Form available at the Circulation Counter within one week of their admission in the college. Non-Members are not permitted to use the library.
  • Entry to the library is permitted only by showing valid I.D. Card issued by the College.
  • Books are issued against ID-cum –Library card which is Non- Transferable.
  • Bags, files, personal books are not allowed inside the library. Students are required to leave their personal belongings at the Property-Counter at their own risk. Valuable items like money, calculators, cell-phones, jewellery, etc. should not be left at the property-counter.
  • Drinks and eatables are not allowed inside the library.
  • Mobile phones should be on Silent mode during your stay in the library.
  • The loss of Identity-cum-Library card is to be immediately reported in writing to the Librarian. Any loss that the Library may incur on account of the loss of a Library card will be the responsibility of the owner of the card.
  • Before leaving the library, students must ensure that they have returned all the reading materials used by them. They are strictly forbidden to take away any book that is not issued to them. All the books are also scrutinized by the library staff at the Exit-Counter.
  • As books are extremely valuable, students are expected to take greatest care of them. Before getting the books issued student should carefully examine them for any damage, e.g. missing pages, pencil or ink-marks, etc., the same must be brought to the notice of the Counter Assistant. Students found damaging or mutilating any book will be asked to replace them and if the book happens to be one of a series, this penalty will necessarily be extended to the entire set.
  • The loss of books must immediately be reported in writing to the Librarian. The members must replace the books within 15 days of the date of loss of books reported. In case the book/books is/are of the volumes of the set the entire set has to be replaced.
  • Disregard of Library rules and regulations , indiscipline or misbehaviour renders a student liable to be refused access to the Library.