Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Vision of IQAC

  1. Redefining the Quality Indication of Education . Keeping in view the contribution of the institution in National Development through taking up outreach programmes leading to social justice and equality.
  2. Revisiting the goals of education with the objective of fostering global competencies among students.
  3. Inculcating value system among students through curriculum implementation and interactive activities across all stratas of society.
  4. Promoting the use of technology by making the infrastructure technology enabled and using ICT in both teaching and administrative processes.
  5. Adopting pedagogical methodologies to develop scientific and research temperament among students.
  6. Creation of novel research facilities among teachers.
  7. Introducing new degree courses keeping in sync with the latest trends.
  8. To strengthen the alumni programme so as to have the alumni of college play an active role in its growth and advancement.
  9. To encourage self evaluation, accountability and innovation in higher education.
  10. To introduce more professional and skill based courses of interdisciplinary nature.
  11. Innovation activities in major urban issues.
  12. Establishing inter and intra institutional collaboration for enhancing academic rigor with institutions of repute.
  13. To inculcate consciousness in staff and students towards eco-friendly practices and students.
  14. Sharing of research findings and networking with other institutions.