Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

JMC Outreach

As stated in the mission of our college: “we accompany and mentor our students so that they develop as women of competence, compassion and conscience, and empowered with ignited minds and hearts, pursue the goal of transformation of our society”. At JMC, our objective is to enable our students to realize their potential and self-worth so that they evolve as leaders and transforming agents who make a significant contribution in all spheres of national and global life. In pursuit of this objective, Jesus and Mary College organizes extension activities that sensitize students towards community issues, gender disparities, social inequity etc. and inculcate social values and commitment to society.

NDMC Project

In 2018, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed to increase cooperation between Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi (JMC) and New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) in areas of mutual interest. Implementation of the Program Activities in this MOU aims to help Jesus and Mary College and New Delhi Municipal Corporation to enrich NP Co-ed Senior Secondary School, Bapu Dham, through transformative practices, multi-level interventions and collaborative partnerships.

Jesus and Mary College has been actively engaging in various activities at the N.P. Co-Ed Senior Secondary School. The focus of the activities has been to generate long term synergies between the School and the College for the welfare of students attending the school. The areas identified for intervention are language, mathematics, environmental issues, psychological and physical health, sports, computer literacy, and networking with agencies who are already working in the area and can contribute to the school. The interventions aim to help the school fully utilize its existing resources and in order to make the impact of interventions sustainable, we facilitate teacher training and work on school culture that promotes enquiry and inclusive growth of students and teachers. A team of 91 student volunteer and 23 teachers have been working toward conducting baseline surveys for initial assessment and implementing various impact oriented initiatives in the mentioned areas. The activities so far have focused on the following areas:

  1. Academic Support

    • Mathematics
      A team of student volunteers and teachers from the mathematics department conducted a baseline survey at the school to assess the areas for intervention. The main objective of the students volunteers was to help students of class 1 and 2 overcome the fear of mathematics.

      The baseline assessment was conducted using fun activities for ice breaking and thereafter testing the students on their class specific curriculum. This has facilitated a general assessment of the math abilities of the students and has formed the basis for the design and implementation of specific interventions for the identified issues.

    • English
      The English group for the Golden Jubilee Project at Bapu Dham school is aiming to increase the proficiency of students in English. The objectives have been to foster students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing in English. The scope includes providing exposure to the English language and providing opportunities to use the language in a stress free environment. The broad strategy is to provide inputs through volunteer visits, teacher education as well as suggesting resources and opportunities for language learning.
    • Environmental Studies
      Environmental Studies is concerned with the exploration, investigation, and development of an understanding of the natural, human, social and cultural dimensions of local and wider environments. This requires moving beyond traditional boundaries of disciplines and looking at priorities in a shared way. The motivation and scope for EVS intervention is to build on this aspect. The focus of this initiative is to facilitate the teachers of the school:
      • to work on developing linkages between the surroundings of the child and the subject matter, 
      • in creating an environment wherein, the students actively participate in construction of knowledge about their surroundings,
      • to create resourcefulness within the classrooms to engage students, 
      • to use school as a learning space to create curiosity and creativity within the child about her immediate environment,
      • to engage the child in exploratory and hands-on activities to acquire basic cognitive and psychomotor skills.
  2. Building as Learning Resource
    A team of student volunteer and teachers have made an initial assessment of the physical infrastructure in the school with the objective of transforming the physical spaces in the school to further aid student learning. The initial assessment is now being followed up with ways in which the suggested improvements can be implemented.
  3. Psychological and Physical Health Aspects
    The activities in this area have focused on the needs to assess the psychological and physics needs of students of different age groups and intervene where needed. At the primary level of students, the focus has been to explore and deal with health and psychosomatic concerns that inhibit the adjustment of the child in school. At the middle level, the focus has been extended to explore and understand the development of self- concept as a notion and also investigate the gaps in the same. It has targeted to discover and deal with teenage concerns such as body image, bully behavior, peer pressure, social media, cyber bullying etc. at the senior level of students, and aimed at understanding and dealing with career concerns, performance anxiety, stress and interpersonal concerns.

    Another important aspect that has been a key area of focus has been to instill awareness amongst students and teachers on aspects of physical health. In order to create awareness, workshops have been organized to sensitize students and teachers about anemia, along with an anemia camp, and menstrual health.

  4. Sports
    The sports department of the college has started training the students of the school for cricket and tennis. Currently, 7-8 Students have joined the S.M Cricket Academy of the College. Further, the college has tied up with Petroleum Sports Promotion Board (PSPB) to provide training to the students of the school.
National Service Scheme (NSS)

National Service Scheme is a Central Sector Scheme of Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. It aims to develop the personality of student volunteers through community services and to become a sensitive and responsible human being who is aware of the socio-economic realities of India. The thrust areas of NSS unit in JMC include: Women Safety and Cleanliness Drive- Clean and no plastic campus.

Women’s Studies Center (WSC)

The society aims to bring about awareness and sensitivity in the students by instilling in them the desire to work for an equitable, safe and just society for women. Various activities were organised such as poster making, photography competitions, debates and panel discussions with eminent personalities and several courses on related themes are also offered. Society also releases an annual magazine and a bi-annual newsletter and organizes its annual festival Jagriti on International Women’s day.

Jesus and Mary College Education Programme (JMCEP)

JMCEP is an initiative which involves reaching out to the children of the lower economic groups in the neighborhood community (Bapu Dham). The children attending regular school come to the college premises twice a week where JMC students provide them with one-on-one help with their school curriculum and create awareness over important issues of cleanliness, sanitation, disease control, fundamental rights, safety etc. through fun activities including Diwali party, New Year celebrations, movie screening and an Annual event called JMCEP Day where the children are encouraged to showcase their talents.

Enactus JMC

Enactus JMC, formerly known as SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) JMC is a Social Entrepreneurship society which aims at empowerment of people from marginalized and underprivileged sections by helping them become entrepreneurs. Since its inception, Enactus JMC team has undertaken various projects that left an indelible mark on the target segments. Two current projects – Project Dhara and Project Iffat were shortlisted in the top 12 teams across the world for the World Water Race Competition.

All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF)

AICUF is a national level university students’ movement. The AICUF unit at Jesus and Mary College organises various socially relevant and personality development-oriented programmes for its members through which the students get practical exposure to the day-to-day living of the underprivileged and the marginalised. Among several other initiatives, in 2017, AIFUC along with NSS was at the forefront of coordinating the collection of aid from the students of JMC for those displaced in the catastrophic floods that occurred in Kerala.

Green society

With the aim to promote the ethos of preservation and protection of our environment and to instill a feeling of responsibility for a better, greener and cleaner environment, the Green Society conducts initiatives like: plantation drives, competitions (both online and Offline) and activities like sale of plastic alternatives that promote use of bio-degradable, environment friendly materials, talks by eminent speakers, excursions to areas in and around Delhi, screening of documentaries and campaigns on social media etc. As a result, the students have started focusing on car pools, water conservation, conservation of electricity, avoidance of food wastage and litter, minimum use of plastic, and have started participating actively in debates and paper presentation on topics related with Environment theme.

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

The Youth wing of Indian Armed Forces train young students to live a life of discipline and service to society through various activities including residential training camps. JMC unit of NCC has been actively participating in various camps/activities and have won many awards.

Research and Outreach-JMC Economics Association

The Research/Outreach cell of the Department of Economics has initiated a project in the neighboring slum cluster known as Sanjay Camp in 2018. The main objective of this initiative is to instilling social responsibility amongst the students of the department and training students in research techniques to bring about social change. As an initial step, a field survey was conducted to collect data on several parameters covering Health, Education, sanitation, household assets and other demographic characteristics. A total of 78 households were covered in this round with a total of more than 391 respondents. The survey helped identify key areas for intervention and the project team now aims to work on issues of sanitation, menstrual hygiene and awareness in the slum through a collaborative network between the Anganwadis, slum dwellers and the research team.

On the 27th September,2019 the team an conducted an outreach programme for the women in Sanjay camp . It included a skit on Menstrual hygiene and taboos around it in collaboration with KAHKASHA (The Dramatics Society) followed by an engaging talk on Menstruation, Contraceptives, Legal Rights and laws relating to women (including Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, and Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013).


Jesus and Mary College organizes extension activities in the neighborhood community that sensitize students towards community issues, gender disparities, social inequity etc. and inculcate social values and commitment to society. Extension activities carried out by student societies are as follows:

Extension Activities Society Year
1. Blood Donation Camp NSS & Red Cross 2015-16
2. Collection for Calamity Relief - earth-quake /flood victims NSS 2015-16
3. 'One Billion Rising' (OBR) Campaign WSC 2015-16
4. Field work based project on 'Women’s Health: Menstruation and Sanitation-related Concerns'.-R.K.Puram Jhuggi clusters WSC 2015-16
5. Imparting education to the underprivileged neighbouring children. JMCEP 2015-16
6. Library of Childrens’ books: a one-week long contribution drive JMCEP 2015-16
7. Developed an ‘Assignment Curriculum’ –Constant evaluation of the children and monitor their progress and build their confidence in facing school tests/ examinations. JMCEP 2015-16
8. Subject specific classes - Structured classes so as to have students of particular disciplines teaching specific subjects. JMCEP 2015-16
9. Educational Programme: Regular classes – 3 days a week.
Student strength: registration of 85 JMC students who teach 110 children from classes II to X
JMCEP 2015-16
10. JMCEP Get Together - Organised a get together for the children attending JMCEP classes giving the children a platform to showcase their cultural talents. JMCEP 2015-16
11. Project Unnati Enactus 2015-16
12. Project Sahan Enactus 2015-16
13. Project Chaak Enactus/G.D. Goenka La Petite/Happy Feet/Mother Mount 2015-16
14. Enactus Social Start-Up Fair Enactus/Bliss Point, Reglobe/ Exchange Karo/ Fangled & other Enactus teams such as Ramjas & Miranda House 2015-16
15. Project Dhara Enactus /Agronomy Division of Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer Welfare/Graham Bharat. 2015-16
16. Youth Employability Project (Y.E.P.) Enactus/ AD Executive Ltd, Training Partners/ 2015-16
Saksham Bharti & Deepalya, NGOs/
Agarwal Packers & Movers/Spar/
Big Bazaar/ Bikanervala/
Shoppers Stop and V-Mart.
17. Personality development of minority students and also educating and helping the nearby children from slums by providing them food, clothing and educational support. AICUF 2015-16
18. New Year outreach – visits to two orphanages- Missionaries of Charity, Bhogal and Birds of the Air, Chattarpur donating new winter clothes and blankets. AICUF 2015-16
19. Camps/Workshops National Cadet Cops 2015-16
1. Participation in voter ID session in NSS centre, North Campus NSS/ Election commission of India 2016-17
2. Project Dhara Enactus/‘Womenite’ a NGO/South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC)/Indian Agricultural Research Institute 2016-17
3. NSS JMC adopted a slum near college NSS 2016-17
4. 'One Billion Rising' (OBR) Campaign WSC and OBR Delhi Chapter 2016-17
5. Public Cultural Meeting (included poetry recitation, songs, plays and speeches on women’s oppression and the struggle for women’s rights)- International Women’s Day WSDC, South Campus Colleges’ WDCs and Women’s Organizations 2016-17
6. Storytelling, Art and Craft sessions were organized for children to stimulate imagination and free expression. JMCEP & CRY (Child Rights and You) 2016-17
7. Awareness drive - To spread awareness about Dengue and Chikungunya to the children. JMCEP Collaboration with Enactus 2016-17
8. JMCEP Teaching Classes JMCEP 2016-17
9. Film Screening for Children - ‘The Jungle Book’ was screened for children, marking the end of their examinations. JMCEP 2016-17
10. Outdoor Activities & games - Group Activities encouraging cooperation and Team work JMCEP 2016-17
11. Youth Employability Project (Y.E.P.) Enactus/ Prowisdom Growth Ltd 2016-17
12. Project Unnati Enactus 2016-17
13. Project Sahan Enactus 2016-17
14. Project Chaak. Enactus 2016-17
15. Personality development of minority students and also educating and helping the nearby children from slums by providing them food, clothing and educational support. (Social responsibility sensitization) AICUF 2016-17
1. Sanitary Napkins Collection and distribution at the Slum NSS/ NGO” WE CLOTHE THEM’ 2017-18
2. Rape Roko March- March to end sexual violence against women. NSS and Delhi Commission of Women 2017-18
3. NSS JMC adopted a slum near college NSS 2017-18
4. Field work-based Research Project to inculcate greater gender sensitization: A Study of Rape Crisis Centres in Delhi Women’s Study Centre (WSC) 2017-18
5. Field-work based project to assess how safe these were for women: 'Safety Audits Near JMC'. Women’s Study Centre (WSC) 2017-18
6. Campaign against Holi hooliganism-submitted petition to DCP, Central District WSC 2017-18
7. Interactive class and DIY with the theme of Republic Day. JMCEP/CRY (Child Rights and You) NGO 2017-18
8. JMCEP Teaching Classes JMCEP 2017-18
9. Book distribution drive JMCEP 2017-18
10. Workshop by Teach For India - Purpose of teaching and education and tips on how to teach children better. JMCEP 2017-18
11. Interactive session with the children - Teaching about trafficking, drug addiction, sexual offences JMCEP 2017-18
12. Distribution of notebooks for children JMCEP and MUN 2017-18
13. Story Telling Competition JMCEP 2017-18
14. Movie Screening of Delhi Safari JMCEP 2017-18
15. Annual JMCEP Day JMCEP 2017-18
16. Awareness and Donation Drive - Inculcating positive attitudes as well as moral values in the children. JMCEP 2017-18
17. Project Dhara Enactus/ ‘Womenite’ a NGO/ South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC)/Indian Agricultural Research Institute 2017-18
18. Project Iffat Enactus/ Navjeevan Seva Mandal/ 2017-18
Kraftivity, a training center/ Delhi Test House/ Corporate partnerships with Crown Plaza Rohini,The Park CP and The Nikunj
19. Project Saksham Enactus/ Aashman Foundation/ ‘Womenite’- a NGO 2017-18
20. Hosted – Coop Quest Enactus/Youth for Cooperatives, Affiliated with the International 2017-18
Cooperative Alliance
21. Vatavaran NGO Enactus 2017-18
22. Vivekanand Slum visit Enactus 2017-18
23. Personality development of minority students and also educating and helping the nearby children from slums by providing them food, clothing and educational support. (Social responsibility sensitization) AICUF 2017-18
24. Prestigious school project JMC/ New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC)/ Bapu Dham - Higher Secondary school 2017-18
25. Story telling for the underprivileged children Department of Commerce/NGO for Seva 2017-18
1. Vivekananda & Bapu Dham camp visit JMCEP 2018-19
2. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao talk JMCEP/ Ministry of Women and Child Development 2018-19
3. JMCEP Teaching Classes JMCEP 2018-19
4. Visit to Bastis- Vivekananda Camp and Sanjay Camp Visit JMCEP 2018-19
5. Distribution of Stationery JMCEP 2018-19
6. Distribution of notebooks and pencils JMCEP 2018-19
7. Distribution of Bananas and Apples JMCEP 2018-19
8. Distribution of Fruits and Lassi JMCEP 2018-19
9. JMCEP Week and JMCEP Annual Day: Session on “Health and Sanitation Awareness”, Storytelling session, Art competition, Zumba session, Origami session, Dance and singing performances by children JMCEP 2018-19
10. Golden Jubilee School Adoption Programme: NDMC Bapu Dham School Teaching JMCEP 2018-19
11. Project Dhara Enactus/ DTEA Senior Secondary School, Pusa Road, Delhi/ South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC)/ 2018-19
Indian Agricultural Research Institute
12. Project Iffat Enactus/Navjeevan Seva Mandal/Kraftivity, a training center/ corporate partnerships with Crown Plaza Rohini and The Park CP 2018-19
13. Personality development of minority students and also educating and helping the nearby children from slums by providing them food, clothing and educational support. (Social responsibility sensitization) All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) 2018-19
14. Outreach programme- Collected and given clothes and books to NGO Pahal. History Department/ NGO in Samaypur Badli 2018-19
15. Out Reach Program for B.Voc students in ‘Geriatrics’. A group of students went to an Eye Camp held at Geeta Bhawan in Kirti Nagar. B.Voc Department/ Sir Ganga Ram Hospital 2018-19
16. Some students from Geriatrics Group went to ` Nirmal Chhaya’,old- age home in Chhatarpur B.Voc Department/ Sir Ganga Ram Hospital 2018-19
17. Adolescent group students went to GD Salwan Public School, Rajinder Nagar, conducted an Orientation session for the parents. B.Voc Department/ Sir Ganga Ram Hospital 2018-19
18. Students went to P.G.D.A.V School, Patel Nagar, conducted a session on disadvantages of excess use of Internet, Importance of doing well in academics, etc. B.Voc Department/ Sir Ganga Ram Hospital 2018-19
1. Sveep camp NSS 2019-20
2. Election duty NSS 2019-20
3. Fit India movement launch by PM NSS 2019-20
4. Ambassador lectorial series at north campus NSS 2019-20
5. Door to door plastic collection in nearby slum area NSS 2019-20
6. Donation to slum kids NSS 2019-20
7. EVS workshop for teachers conducted in Bapu Dham School Golden Jubilee Project 2019-20
8. Anemia Detection Camp organised in Bapu Dham School Golden Jubilee Project 2019-20
9. A workshop on 'Exploring the Self as a Teacher' was conducted with primary and middle faculties of NDMC School. Golden Jubilee Project 2019-20
10. Counselling Sessions was conducted in Bapu Dham School for Students Golden Jubilee Project 2019-20

Besides these societies, each department conducts Seminars, Workshops, Talks, Donation Drives, Filed trips etc. to sensitise students and most teachers work towards inculcating these values in their classroom teaching and as living examples.

The Economics Department established a Research and Skill Development Cell in 2018 with the objective of training students to conduct independent research and in the process reach out to the disadvantaged sections of society. As a part of Community Outreach, the cell has initiated a project in the Sanjay Camp Slum (Iraq Colony) with the main objective of training students in survey methods, data collection, research in development economics and social outreach. The students of the Research Cell conducted personal interviews with the households residing in nearby slum Sanjay Camp to collect data on various indicators with emphasis on women centric variables such as menstrual hygiene, awareness about contraceptives, schooling, time devoted to household activities etc. As a token of gratitude for their time, the students distributed sanitary napkins to women.

Every year B.El.Ed department students conduct a study of a slum setting in terms of economics, politics, historical memories, and subsistence. They visit different slums (such as Bhatti Mines slum, Hyderpuri slum, Gulabi Bagh slum, Vikas Puri slum and the like) and interact with various people living there and it helps them to develop an understanding of the intersection of geographical, socio-political, economic factors on the lives of the people. The students also visited special schools such as Amar Jawan, Aanchal, Andh Vidyalay etc. Through this the students are sensitized to the needs, interests, and potentials of the children. During internship the fourth year students identify an issue of prominence in the school. These issues range from school processes, learner identities, teacher challenges and dilemmas to issues of infrastructure, student absenteeism and the like. The students are sensitized to the issues and their impact on children, teachers and the entire school community.