Thou art light, fill me with thy light
Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light


National Sports Organisation (NSO) of Jesus and Mary College, is a compulsory society. NSO is a wing of the Department of Physical Education. All of NSO’s activities are organised under the aegis of the Department of Physical Education. It is one of the largest student’s society, consisting of more than 600 students. Out of these, about 300 students have got admission through the sports quota, the rest are non-sports students. The students outside of the sports quota, who have opted for NSO, are required to complete 30 hours of activity per semester.

"Sports may not be a profession for everyone but it may be a passion for many." With this thought the initiative of "FIT INDIA" has been inculcated long back within the organisation. The organisation has been providing sports facilities to those students who haven’t got adequate opportunities earlier in the field of sports, but want to start with it now. If any non-sports student displays quality performance in any sport, the department makes sure that they get opportunities to play at inter college and university level.

Some of the important events organised by NSO are:

  • Zumba/Aerobics Workshops
  • Meditation (music healing) sessions
  • Talks on diet, nutrition, injuries etc.
  • Intra-organisational quiz and essay writing
  • Annual Sports Week and Sports Day

HOBNOB is the annual sports week of the college. It involves several events, open for all colleges. Some of the major events include; inter-department march past and sports competition, staff matches, inter-college tournaments, bhangra/aerobic sessions etc.