Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Peace Society

Peace Society is the largest compulsory society of Jesus and Mary College, boasting a member strength of 521, including a core team of 44 students. It was established in the year 2019.

The primary aim of the society is to propagate inner and external peace. We, at Peace Society, believe that peace is just an absence of conflict as it involves people interacting with one another prosocially. The society encourages a positive way of life by brainstorming and executing a large variety of events ranging from soulful musical performances, ingenious competitions, conducive workshops to concerted efforts on initiatives such as the Anti-Plastic Campaign, Mental Health Webinars, Gratitude Week, etc. among other events.

The society has a broad vision which deals with individuals and multiple facets of their personality, environment, spirituality and faith. In the year 2021-22, Peace Society conducted various events to invoke a tangible change in its surroundings.

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Series of Events

1. Minding our Minds 4.0: Click here to read the report.

2. Gratitude Week:Click here to read the report.

3. World Cancer Day Panel Discussion: Click here to read the report.

All Events Organized in 2021-22:
1. International Peace Day Ms. Manka Bajaj 23rd September, 2021
2. Minding our Minds Ms. Jagriti Sharma 8th October, 2021
3. Gratitude Week 1. Importance of Gratitude in One's Life 2. Transforming Lives through Gratitude 3. Relationship between gratitude and law of attraction Ms.Deepika Dahima Ms. Keshav Sharma Ms. Shraddha Neeraj 11th October, 2021 14th October, 2021 17th October, 2021
4. Transitioning In and Out of Online Classrooms Ms. Tarini Khurana 30th November, 2021
5. Mental Health of Professional Athletes Ms. Shivjot Gill 19th January, 2022
6. How Self-Awareness Helps in Reducing Anger Dr. Raji Arabi 27th January, 2022
7. Mental Health & Anger Management Ms. Nishtha Narula 29th January, 2022
8. Unconventional Career Paths Mr. Anubhav Dubey 2nd February, 2022
9. Celebrating World Cancer Day with Cancer Conquerors Ms. Neerja Malik & Ms. Teenaa Kaur Pasricha 4th February, 2022
10. Establishing Relationships with Grandparents in the Era of Technology Ms. Mahima Bhalotia 9th February, 2022
11. Mind Management is Time Management Mr. Aswini Bajaj 12th February, 2022
12. Self Love: How to Manage Relationship with Oneself Ms. Gazal Hai Na 12th February, 2022
13. Declamation Competition: Can the Youth of India Make India a Superpower? Ms. Savita Rastogi 30th March, 2022

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How to join the Society?

Every year, at the beginning of the academic session, in the month of July, the Society Fair is held in the college. The society releases a recruitment form at the beginning of the academic year. Interested students who wish to join the society are required to fill the recruitment form. For any further queries,