Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Peace Society

Students participate in peace related events organised by DU and other institutions working in the related field · Experts from the field are invited to address the students.

Yoga sessions & workshops are held.

Various kinds of Competitions having peace as the basic theme are organised both at intra college & inter college level.


Dr Savita Rastogi (Convenor)


Ms. Navya Mittal 8076988198

Vice President

Ms. Shweta 9354557451

Activities/events conducted in 2019-20
  • Talk on Ashtang Yoga – 21st August 2019
  • A session on musical therapy – 25th September 2019
  • Society Fest – 18th October 2019
Why one should join the Society?
  • To be at inner peace
  • To be a messenger of peace in the society
  • Being at peace is a great virtue as a peaceful person is more productive.
  • To make maximum use of human life as only human beings can act as messenger of God. All other forms of life on earth can play only a limited role.


Every year society fair is held in the college in the beginning of new academic year in the month of July.