Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Peace Society

Peace Society is a compulsory society, and one of the largest societies of JMC. It is a student initiative to create awareness and help the masses attain inner peace. Creating a positive social impact is a priority for the society and numerous events like Interfaith Dialogue and Debates, Talks on the Importance of Yoga, Musical Healing Sessions, Mental health related webinars and others have been conducted in this regard.

‘Sukoon’, the annual fest of the society includes many competitions like Slam Poetry, Canvas Painting and Photography alongwith some fun activities like Treasure Hunt, Brand Tambola etc. Another series of events focussed around mental health and well-being include our “Minding our Minds” Webinars wherein we call a Clinical Psychologist who anonymously answers students’ questions and provides them with solutions for the same.

Peace Society celebrates important days related to Peace by way of various competitions and events. The society works on the principles of maintaining both mindfulness and physical well-being to increase productivity and maximise human life.

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Series of Events

1. Minding our Minds Series (2020-2021)’. Click here to read the report.

2. Zero waste week (2020-21)’. Click here to read the report.

3. Personality Development Series (2020-21)’. Click here to read the report.

1 Minding Our Minds Dr. Priya Bhatnagar 1.6.2020
2 Zero Waste Week:   6.9.2020 - 12.9.2020
  Webinar: Roadmap To sustainability Ms. Ridhima Kandru 6.9.2020
  Do It Yourself Competition   7.9.2020
  Ecolution' the quiz Round 1 Round 2   8.9.2020 10.9.2020
  Creative Writing and Poster Making Competition   9.9.2020
  Webinar: Sustain'know'bility Mr. Ajinkya Hange 12.9.20
3 Peace Day:    
  Webinar: Shaping Peace Together Ms. Monika Singh 21.9.2020
  Calmuse: Slam Poetry Competition Judges: Ms. Anukriti Upadhyay and Ms. Aparajita Deb 22.9.2020
  Launched "Peacify: a mixtape"   22.9.2020
4 Gandhi Jayanti:    
  Quiz on Mahatma Gandhi and his teachings   2.10.2020
  " What is Peace to you?" - Campaign   2.10.2020
5 Minding our minds 2.0 Mimansa Singh Tanwar 9.10.20
6 Virtual Book Reading Ms. Anukriti Upadhyay 17.10.20
7 Quest for harmony- a conflict resolution competition for UN day Judges: Dr. Ajit Kumar and Mr. Kiri Atri 24.10.20
8 Ghostly Gala:    
  a) Nocturnal Trailblazers- an online scavenger hunt   26.10.20 to 30.10.20
  b) Festival of frights- moodboard making and microtale writing competition   29.10.20
  c) Ghostly affair- a ghost story telling competition   28.10.20
  d) Online pumpkin decorating competition   27.10.20
  e) Released a Halloween playlist    
9 Health and Hygiene Dr. Padmavati Dua 15.01.2021
10 Health issues among young women Ms. Ruchika Dawar 18.01.2021
11 Indian education system during Covid-19: a path towards educational modernisation Mr. Vivek Atray 23.01.2021
12 Personality Development Series:    
  a) Public Speaking Ms. Deepti Janidal 29.01.2021
  b)Etiquette and manners Ms. Deepanshi Arora 5.02.2021
  c) First Impressions Ms. Anshu Gupta 8.02.2021
  d) Power Dressing Ms. Sahiba Dhupar 12.02.2021
  e) Body Language Ms. Shubha Joshi 16.02.2021
  f) Personal Branding Dr. Sneha Sharma 19.02.2021
13 I Feel Campaign with project ukiyo 2.03.21-7.03.21
14 Minding Our Minds 3.0 Dr. Tanushree Sangma 06.03.2021
15 Webinar: Fears of life and how to overcome them Mr. Gagandeep Sidhu 31.03.2021
16 Lockdown Diaries: An experiential writing competition   10.04.2021
17 Webinar: Who are your true friends? Ms. Mamta Kukreja 17.04.2021
18 Yoga Day:    
  Slogan Writing competition Judges: Dr. Savita Rastogi and Ms. Jasmin  21.06.2021
  Poster making Competition Judge: Ms. Jasmin   21.06.2021
  Essay writing Competition Judge: Ms. Jasmin  21.06.2021

Summary of Session (2020-21)’.Click here to read the report.

Summary of Session (2019-20)’.Click here to read the report.

How to join the society?

Every year the society fair is held in the college in the beginning of the new academic year in the month of July. The society releases the recruitment form at the beginning of the academic year. Interested students who wish to join the society are required to fill the recruitment form. For any further queries, write to the society at: