Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Jesus And Mary College Educational Programme (JMCEP)

Jesus and Mary College Education Programme is an initiative aimed at empowering young minds with education and values that go beyond the concise boundaries of literature and textbooks. The inception of JMCEP was in 1979 with the divine motto of “Learning to help by helping to learn” as National Adult Education Programme where 54 college girls taught ‘arithmetic’ to elderly, kids and women from Bapu Dham and college employees. JMCEP witnessed vibrant growth and now we are a society of around 300 girls putting their best efforts to impart education to members of the lower economic strata, in order to provide them with a holistic development. Under the guidance of the Principal, Teacher in charges and the student council, JMCEP, like a trailblazer has been working with utmost commitment and perseverance towards its objective of sharing knowledge and spreading awareness about issues of health, hygiene, cleanliness, education rights, and public well-being.

JMCEP, as a society also aims at procuring meaningful and close relationship with its volunteers. It sensitises the volunteers to the issues faced by the under-privileged children on a day-to-day basis by providing them with opportunities to interact with and teach these children. Through this means, the volunteers actively participate in moulding a meaningful life for the children as well as for the society. It’s very important to be patient and understanding when interacting with a child, and overtime JMCEP has embedded these qualities in its volunteers. Each day at JMCEP is a new learning experience for the volunteers and the experience enriches them with perspective that can’t be gained easily. It has inculcated the feeling of empathy and compassion in its volunteers. The society’s foundational base is to collate and build-up on factors like team work, time management, planning and delivering skills, as well as achieve multiple collaborations.

Organizing events and fundraisers to help and spread awareness is one of the major priorities of the society. Diwali Mela, Sanitary Napkin Drive, Donation Drives and monthly visits to Bapu Dham and Vivekananda Camp are few of the major events organised by JMCEP (in the pre-pandemic environment). JMCEP has also collaborated with well-known organisations and societies such as; Teach for India, Girl Up, Child Rights and You and much more. These conflated events have not just entertained and educated the children but have been equally beneficial for the volunteers.

Our social media presence is also highly engaging and active which acts as an extra resource to the children and a medium of holding interactive activities for the volunteers as well as for our other audience.

JMCEP YouTube Channel:

Our online experience has helped us in grabbing myriads of opportunities which JMCEP has utilised to widen its base and help even more people. This year due to the current pandemic, we have not been able to indulge in classroom teaching and therefore have collaborated with various NGOs (Social Vision, World Youth Council, Childrenwise, Siddharth Memorial Charitable Trust) and also started our home-grown teaching initiative. These NGOs have helped further the objective of JMCEP during the pandemic by undertaking the task of online teaching for children belonging to the underprivileged sections of society. Our JMCEP volunteers teach these children through the medium of WhatsApp video call or Google Meet or Zoom.

All in all, JMCEP aims to provide its volunteers with a chance to explore their best teaching selves, by conducting workshops for them on themes such as Gender as a Social Construct, Learning Disabilities among Children, Skill Development among Teachers and Lesson Planning among other events.

Join us in our pursuit of spreading the joy of learning and in our journey towards imparting value education, to help every individual reach their fullest potential and become active members of the society. Feel free to contact the council members and the highly supportive core team regarding the procedure to be part of the JMCEP team.

Connect with us

Arushi Jain (President) – +91 9958047623

Aazima Basharat (Vice President) – +91 9682665926

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Ms. Monica Chhabra (Convenor)

Ms. Kashnie Singh

Ms. Gurpreet Kaur

Ms. Vrinda Moda


President (2020-21) – Ms. Mary Michelle Mathew

Vice President (2020-21) – Ms. Smakshi Thalia

President (2021-22) – Ms. Arushi Jain

Vice President (2021-22) – Ms. Aazima Basharat

JMCEP COVID Outreach Initiatives

The write-up on JMCEP was published in ‘The Week’ magazine under the cover story “Covid Heroes".

The cover story titled “Covid Heroes" covers in 2 paragraphs the contribution of our JMCEP volunteers in teaching the needy students during the pandemic. It also includes a photograph of the JMCEP President Ms. Mary Michelle (English Hons. 3rd Year student)

Link of the article:

2. Recognition of JMCEP in the Newsletter of Siddharth Memorial Charitable Trust


JMCEP Documentary 2019-20