Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

Green Society

Climate Change is no longer a just scientific term or a future possibility. It’s our reality. It is here and now causing forest fires, floods, ice melts, landslides, and multispecies extinction. Scientists claim that the upcoming COP26 meet of the UNFCCC is the last chance we have of reversing the changing environment. It is upon us to preserve our beautiful planet for the coming centuries.

With this sense of urgency to bring about change, the Green Society of Jesus and Mary College was started in 2015 to increase awareness and promote eco-friendly practices among students. We believe that the environment can no longer be a peripheral issue but instead a priority in the lives of all communities. We seek to empower students to participate in meaningful environmental activities and projects and engage and influence their neighbourhood communities. We hope that empowering students today will create a greener future tomorrow.

As a compulsory student society, the Green Society has more than 400 members. We conduct various activities to increase awareness and help our members learn new ways of sustainable living. We run workshops, competitions, rallies and webinars throughout the year. Some of the important goals and priorities we have campaigned for in the past are:

  1. Clean Campus
  2. Anti-Plastic Campaign
  3. Tree Plantation Drives
  4. Waste Segregation and Management
  5. Water Conservation
  6. Climate Change and Global Warming

As the Green Society continues to grow, our primary focus is upon increasing its outreach and pioneering environment-friendly ventures and activities. We will do this by keeping sustainable learning and environmental development at the core of our initiatives. For the coming year, our focus will be on:

  1. Research Projects
  2. Organising Skill Enhancement Workshops & Webinars
  3. Offering an Add-on and Certificate Courses on Sustainability
  4. Partnering with Eco-Clubs and groups working to achieve the goals of sustainability
  5. Engagement with neighbouring communities
  6. Collaborating with schools for Outreach Programmes

As a part of the Green Society, you can learn new skills and contribute in varied ways. We have Research, Content, Marketing and Editorial Departments.

To know more about the Society, you can get in touch with:


Ms. Trisha Chowdhry (Convenor)


Manishika Pawaia
Email Id:

Vice President

Akriti Kalikotay
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Activities/events conducted in 2018-19

With the aim of promoting a better and greener future, The Green Society of Jesus and Mary college works to instill among the people the value of our Environment. Following is the series of events conducted by the Green Society in 2018-2019:

Last year the Green Society identified and put up nameplates of 56 different species of trees present in our college campus for developing awareness about diversity in nature. In continuation, this year a project on tree watch and tree mapping were carried out for 15 species. We found that our college has 118 Neem trees (Azadirachta indica) and 8 Saptaparini trees (Alstonia scholaris).

Activities/events conducted in 2019-20