Thou art light, fill me with thy light

Thou art Light, fill me with Thy Light

All India Catholic University Federation

All India Catholic University Federation is a movement which stands for the service and liberation of all people, irrespective of caste, sex, language and belief. AICUF affirms solidarity with all those engaged in the struggle for peace, human and democratic rights for a world marked by growing economic inequality. The AICUF unit at Jesus and Mary College organizes various socially relevant and personality development-oriented programs with the aim of transformating education for its members. The society tries to achieve this through several outreach programs, by which the students get practical exposure to the day-to-day living of the underprivileged and the marginalized, they are sensitized about the socio-economic realities of our country. Motivated by these experiences, many of the students take up the challenging tasks of contributing towards the emancipation of women and the uplift of the deprived and needy sections of our society. AICUF programs organized within the college help students to develop organizational abilities and leadership skills as they are required to take charge and involve themselves with all the events/seminars and research conducted.

In this academic year AICUF aims to follow the phrase "Transformative Education, leadership and nation building" to inculcate the spirit of research among our young students. The society compromises of more than 400 students. We've been conducting workshops, seminars, talks and around this objective. We inculcate in our students social responsibilities and aim to transform them into good human beings. We further aim to conduct workshops on career counselling, clearing competitive exams and parliamentary debates. The society aims to tap the true potential of each Christian student in our college so that they be truly transformed into a resourceful pool of human capital for our nation and become young women of competence, confidence and values.


Dr. Sona V Andrew,


Alphi Benny,, +919311607249

Vice President

Florina Harris,, +919319224024


Event 1: On What Matters
Speaker: Father Jitu D'Monte S.J, Director, Jeevan Darshan Pastoral Centre
Date: 22.06.2020

Event 2: Covid-19 Pandemic Unmasks Truth About Ourselves
Speaker: Dr. Anthony J. D’Souza, Clinical Psychologist and Director, Premanjali-a family counselling training institute, Maharashtra.
Date: 08.07.2020

Activities/events conducted in 2018-19
  • Kerala Flood Relief
  • Talk- Mind Your Mind Mapping- Dr. Joan Antony
  • Talk- Struggles of refugee women and children in country of asylum- Ms. Selin Susan Mathews, Project Manager, Bosco Refugee Assistance Program
  • Aarth- Music Band
  • Full Meal with AICUF
  • Talk- “Be The Salt...”- Dr. Joan Antony
  • Interactive session- ‘Being Street Smart: An interactive session with children who have experienced living on the streets of Delhi’- Don Bosco Ashalyalam
  • Talk- How to find elegance in chaos- Ms. Maria Sitara
  • Interactive session- “The Road less traveled”- An interactive session with women climbing uphill
  • Sharing- Divinity of the “Call”- A sharing by the young sisters of our college
  • Talk – “What’s your crowning glory, O Woman?- Dr. Joan Antony
Activities/events conducted in 2019-20
  • Talk : Who is a Genius - Dr. Christu Doss
  • Talk: Transformative education leadership and nation building. Basic research methodology - Dr. Sr. Molly, Dr. Christu Doss, Mr. Naveen Thomas & Dr. Anthony
  • Debate Competition: Education is closely linked with the question of modernity; followed by a workshop on Public Speaking by Mr. Naveen Thomas, Dr. Christu Doss, Ms. Megha Jacob & Dr. Anthony
  • Movie screening: Nero's guests-The age of inequality.
Activities/events conducted in 2020-21