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About the Society

"I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own." —AudreLorde ‎

With these words of AudreLorde, we at Women's Study Centre, aim at providing an intersectional approach towards creating awareness and educating our undergraduate students about the struggles faced by women. The focus of our society is to provide a safe space for our students to engage in discussion and gain knowledge on various issues such as women and work, gender and sexuality, violence at home, influence of media, laws and rights, issues of minority women, health and hygiene etc through workshops, talks, student seminars, film screenings and other interactive sessions. Our events are mostly conducted by guest speakers ranging from activists to scholars of history, sociology, psychology, political science and other disciplines.
In addition to regularly organized certificate course classes and workshops, the Women’s Study Centre hosts an own annual fest, titled 'JAGRITI', in which students can participate in different competitions and be a part of a Jansunvai (public hearing). The Jansunvaiis now intrinsic to the culture of our society wherein teachers and students actively participate in expressing their views, experiences or artistic work on matters pertaining to gender inequality. Our members are also encouraged to be part of field-work based project work and to join campaigns such as International Women’s Day programs in the city, etc.
It is through such work and spaces of open discussion that our memberslearn to follow debates and build clarity on women's issues. We see this as one small step towards inculcating a desire to forge solidarity on pressing gender concerns and learn to confidently critique the inequality that surrounds us. To know more about our society you can visit our Facebook page ( and our blog (

Benefits of Joining the WSC

By joining the WSC, a student begins to explore avenues of discussion and debate on gender as an identity, gender as an axis of politics, gender and sexuality, the intersections of gender with other social positions like class, caste, etc. The classes, workshops and projects offered by the WSC can be used by students to channelize their interest and concern for gender issues, and can be used as a platform for further/postgraduate studies in fields like Women’s Studies, Development Studies, Law and Governance, Social Work, etc. This apart, action-based eventsof the WSC shall offer students the exposure of organizing gender-sensitizing initiatives among their peers and collaborating with the larger women’s movement.

How to Join the Society 

Interested students must sign up for the WSC latest by the Society Fair announced by the college at the start of the academic session. Students may also contact the office-bearers or fill the google form which shall be circulated on appropriate social media platforms. The WSC Staff Advisors shall shortlist students based on responses given in the google form. A General Body Meeting (GBM) shall be subsequently held. After the GBM, WSC members are encouraged to apply for the Core Team, for which applications shall be invited. So sign up if you are truly attached to gender issues and are willing to learn and work sincerely.

Faculty Members

Student Members

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