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About the Society

The Poetry Society of Jesus and Mary College was set up in 2018 and it currently has over 30 members. The main objective of the society is to provide poets a platform to learn, grow, and express themselves and to promote all forms and languages of poetry. The society aims to encourage both paper and performance poetry, through regularly organised open mics, writing sessions, slam poetry competitions, and workshops.

Why you should join the Society ?

The society is a platform for expression and provides a safe space to share. It opens doors and provides you great opportunities. As an applicant, there are multiple reasons why you should join the society:

What does the Society do?

The society conducts multiple events each year, including an English Poetry Slam Competition called “Tailored Verses” and a Hindi and Urdu Slam Poetry Competition called “Lafzon Ki Numaaish.” Other events include collaborations with other colleges, open mics, writing sessions, performance based sessions, and workshops by renowned poets from all over the country.

How to join the Society?

Society recruitments take place every year in August. Applicants have to go through three rounds of auditions to become members.

Faculty Members

Student Members

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