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About the Society

The debating society was set up more than two decades ago. The Society presently has 25 members

Why you should join the Society

As a student there could be three reasons for joining the society-

What the Society does

There are many events conducted by the Society each year; key events include : An annual parliamentary debating tournament called Kremlin, An intra debating competition called Ad Shroff and An inter college convention.

JMC debating Society teams have participated in many eminent tournaments held by Hindu, Hansraj and SRCC

Joining the society

Auditions are held each year to enlist new members. There are three rounds of auditions that students need to clear to become members.

Faculty Members

Student Members

Shagun Sethi

Pramiti Singh
Vice President

English Debating Society members
English Debating Society group photo
English Debating Society participants