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The Entrepreneurship Cell SOCIETY

About the Society

The Entrepreneurship Cell is the most nascent society of the college which started its operations from January,2015. The main objective of the Cell is to manifest the latent entrepreneurial spirit of students and help them attain independence and self-sufficiency. The Cell provides a platform to budding entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded people, faculty and the alumni.

Why you should join the Society

What the Society does

The society provides a platform to budding entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into reality by providing them mentorship. It conducts speaker sessions where experts from various fields give useful insights to the members. Business oriented competitions are held to nurture leadership, time management, communication and organization skills. The society also conducts start-up fairs to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship in college.

Joining the society

The society does not have any specific requirements for joining it. Each year, Recruitment Drive is conducted inviting applications from students of all courses who are creative, energetic, passionate and are committed to work hard. Any student who wishes to join the society may contact the Faculty Advisor, President or the Vice President with their particulars.

Faculty Members

Student Members

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