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About the Society

AICUF is a national level university students movement that stands for the service and liberation of all persons. In line with the AICUF Poonamalle Declaration of 1970 which states that “We were born into an unjust society and we are determined not to leave it as we found it”, the AICUFers join hands with all those who are engaged in establishing a just, peaceful and equitable world order.

The AICUF unit of Jesus and Mary College annually  has approximately 500 student members.

Why you should join the Society

AICUF related programmes organised within the college help students to develop organisational abilities and leadership skills as they are required to take charge and involve themselves with all the events/seminars conducted. The Christian spirit of joy in working together is communicated throughout the year by means of various fun activities like prayer meetings, carnivals, music fests and inter-departmental activities. The youth find their association with AICUF a highly rewarding experience

What the Society does

The AICUF unit at Jesus and Mary College organises various socially relevant and personality development-oriented programmes for its members. Through the outreach programmes, by which the students get practical exposure to the day-to-day living of the underprivileged and the marginalised, they are sensitised about the socio-economic realities of our country. Motivated by these experiences, many of the students take up the challenging tasks of contributing towards the emancipation of women and the uplift of the deprived and needy the sections of our society

Joining the society

Students interested in joining the AICUF may contact Faculty or Student members to request membership

Faculty Members

Student Members




Vice President

JMC AIFUF - A session in progress
Talk by a JMC AICUF member
JMC Aicuf members performing in a show