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When a student seeks admission to the college, it is assumed by the college that she has an earnest purpose. She is expected to aim at the highest achievement in every sphere and to conduct herself in a responsible and dignified manner wherever she may be.

By joining the college the student is bound by all its Rules and Regulations.

She also commits herself to participate in attending extra-curricular and inter-college programs, besides attending 2/3rd of the lectures and tutorials, to be eligible to appear in the University Examination.

For further information, see the College Handbook as well as the University Handbook of Rules.

The College has a system of tutorial/preceptorial in which the students are expected to participate in group discussions and submit project work and written work regularly from the academic year 2003-04 as per the EC resolution 2003 .

25% of the total marks in a course will be awarded by the college based on internal assessment on a continuous basis. This assessment is based on tutorial work/ preceptorial work/class presentation, project work and mid- term examination.

Internal Assessment marks is as follows:  

(Medical certificates shall be excluded while calculating credit towards marks to be awarded for regularity for regulation, through such certificates continue to be taken into account for purpose of calculating eligibility to appear for Examinations.)

The internal assessment marks shall be separately mentioned in the mark sheet issued by the University. Those marks will be added to the annual examination marks for determining the division of the student.

For Examination and Promotion Rules refer to University Calender VolumeI & II, 1988.

Each academic Department organises in its own discipline an Association of teachers and students.

Every student becomes a member of one Academic Association and takes an active part in the seminars, symposia, debates, lectures etc. arranged by the Association.

Each Association has a set of Rules and Regulations.