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ADMISSION CRITERIA & Procedure 2018-19

Please read through the admission procedure and criteria carefully. It will help you in your application process.

Admission criteria

In the following para's we define the overall admission criteria and the admission criteria for each of the departments

General Rules applicable to all departments

Procedure for calculation of ‘Best Four’ subjects percentage for Honours Courses

‘Best Four’ percentage will be calculated on the basis English and three academic subjects given in the list below:

i. English
ii. English Core
iii. Elective English
iv. Functional English
v. Psychology
vi. Legal Studies
vii. Botany
viii. Geography
ix.  Mathematics
x.   Sociology
xi.  Biology
xii. Biotechnology
xiii. Geology
xiv. Chemistry
xv. Philosophy
xvi. Statistics
xvii. Commerce
xviii. Business Maths
xix. Business Studies
xx. Hindi
xxi. Physics
xxii. Computer Science
xxiii. Informatics Practices
xxiv. History
xxv. Political Science
xxvi. Zoology
xxvii. Economics
xxviii. Accountancy

• All subjects to be included in the calculation of ‘Best Four’ must have at least 70% theory component of exam. In case, the subject to be considered does not have 70% theory component and 30% practical component, then the marks of theory and practical only shall be converted to 70% and 30%, respectively on pro rata basis. These new marks will then be considered for calculation of ‘Best Four’

• If a candidate has scored: Physics 90 (theory 50, practical 40; max. marks theory 60, practical 40), and Chemistry 91(theory 52, practical 39; max. marks theory 60, practical 40) which is not in ratio of 70: 30, then the marks can be converted on pro rata basis

Pro rata marks in physics = 88.3 ((50/60) x 70 + (40/40) x 30) = 58.33 + 30 = 88.33

Pro rata marks in chemistry = 89.92 ((52/60) x 70 + (39/40) x 30) = 60.67 + 29.25 = 89.92

II. Procedure for calculation of ‘Best Four’ subjects percentage for B.A (Prog.) /B.Com(Prog.):

One Language (Core/Elective/Functional)
One non-listed subject (List above) can be included in calculation of ‘Best Four’ without any deduction.

Department Specific Criteria

B.Com (Hons.)

B.Com (Programme)

Procedure for calculation of “Best Four” subjects’ percentage for B. Com (Programme)

Department of Economics

Department of English

Department of Hindi

History (Hons)

Department of Mathematics

Political Science (Hons.)

Psychology (Hons.)


B.A. Programme

Procedure for calculation of ‘Best Four’ subjects percentage for B.A (Prog)

*One Language (Core/Elective/Functional)
*One non-listed subject (List above) can be included in calculation of ‘Best Four’   
   without any deduction.
*If more than one non-listed subject is included for calculation of Best Four, a
  deduction of 2.5% each in Best Four will be levied.

B.A. Programme with Mathematics as Elective Subject

B. Voc - HealthCare Management

B. Voc – Retail Management & IT