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picture of Dr. Alka Sehgal, JMC

sr. rosily t.l


Sr. Rosily T.L is an Assistant Professor in the Department of  Education.

Her area of specialization is social science.

She was granted the following research projects by Delhi University under the Innovation projects programs along with other 2 teachers and 10 students under the supervision of an external mentor.

a)   A cultural and contextual understanding of resilience and the role of voluntary            organizations in its development:   a study of marginalized urban girls in Delhi.,2012-13

b)   Developing a cultural and contextual understanding of resilience in urban marginalized girls:   Implications for the formal education system 2013-14.

The project has been selected for collaboration with University of Michigan, USA, with three students from UM participating on a virtual basis followed by a visit this year.

Qualifications:  M.A, M.ED. P.hD