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Department of PSYCHOLOGY

The Department of Psychology was established in 1969 with the introduction of the B.A. (Program) Psychology course. Later in 1972, the B.A. (Hons) Psychology was also introduced. The department is famous for its dual focus on honing theoretical and applied psychological skills as well as engaging in value based extra-curricular activities. The aim of the department is to produce psychologists par excellence who have the necessary knowledge, skills, and sensitivity needed to delve into the human phenomenon. There are 10 teachers, 2 lab assistants and over 150 students currently involved in this mutual effort to enhance knowledge and understanding of human behaviour.

Courses offered by the department include B. Tech. Psychological Science (FYUP), B.A. Hons Psychology (3 Year Course) and B.A. Prog Psychology (3 Year Course).

The undergraduate program of psychology has been designed to provide a firm grounding in the various sub-domains of psychology – namely General Psychology, Social Psychology, Cultural Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Cognitive Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Statistics, Research Methodology, and Physiology. Interactive classes that include the use of pedagogical tools such as role-plays, seminars, talks by eminent speakers, case studies, educational trips, movie screenings, book discussions, and workshops have produced empowered women over the years, who through their work, have contributed to the mental health of our society. In particular, our alumni have flourishing careers in the fields of Clinical Psychology, Counselling, Special Education, Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Research, and Teaching. The department is also proud to have nurtured and produced several University Position Holders in the past.

Additionally, the psychology department provides a platform for students to showcase their unique talents as they take the responsibility for organizing programs on special occasions such as Fresher’s day, teacher’s day, and farewell. 

The department is especially known for its annual fest – CATHARSIS that literally proves to be a release for students and their ideas, creativity, planning, and organizational skills. The fest sees a plethora of events including Ad Mad, Pictionology, Just-A-Minute, Quiz and Poster Making. Each event’s agenda is intricately woven with psychological concepts and theories. The fest provides a platform for budding psychologists from all over the National Capital Region to participate and enrich their knowledge with experiences. Along with the events, CATHARSIS is also host to a number of prominent speakers from the field of Psychology. Being as diverse as it is, the talks allow students a glimpse into the niche areas of psychology beyond the scope of classroom teaching. The psychology fest proves to be one of the most sought after event among the students of the college.

Psychology is the study of human mind and behavior and has a systematic approach towards understanding people. As a profession, it enables students to apply the principles and theories of human behavior in solving real life problems. The study includes experiments, theories, personality tests, methods and techniques of identification of human problems, guidance and counseling, etc.