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Department of HISTORY

The History department of JMC traces its establishment to early 1981 when the College was granted permission to teach undergraduate Honours course in the subject. Until then History was taught as part and parcel of the B.A program course. 

At present the department has 7 teachers and 130 students.

The department attracts students from varied academic backgrounds (including commerce and science disciplines). The teachers efforts range from familiarising the undergraduates with the temporal and regional histories (of India, Europe, America, East and South East Asia) as well as imparting an inter disciplinary perspective; and, building inquisitiveness to explore and experience the past through organizing historical walks, trips, seminars etc.

The department encourages students to think beyond the simplistic reading of History as a sequence of events and coaches them to grapple with decoding larger historical processes so that they are well equipped to understand developments at the Glocal (global and local) level.

The study of history is the study of change and continuity in human society through time. The History course offers you the opportunity to investigate the past as a way of understanding the present in its political, economic, ideological, social and cultural sense.