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Department of Elementary Education

Jesus and Mary College is the pioneering college in Delhi University to start the Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed) Programme in 1994. The integrated four year undergraduate programme has as its highlight a path breaking curriculum in the area of Teacher Education.

In its year of inception at JMC, the courses were primarily taught by senior faculty from the University of Delhi who were instrumental in designing the syllabi. The curriculum is designed to encourage the reconstruction of knowledge in an interdisciplinary framework.  It provides opportunities to understand issues and concepts in education in relation to the dynamic social, cultural and political realities that exist, drawing from various disciplines. The bilingual nature of the programme is a unique facet and the transactions are done in both languages with much ease. Each course is followed by practicum and projects where the students get an opportunity for discussions on various practices of teaching as they move towards becoming reflective practitioners.

The learning from Foundation, Practicum, Liberal and Pedagogy courses taught in the first three years are like tassels that get tied into a seamless knot in the fourth year as the interns enter the world of school teaching. Besides the mandatory sessions on theatre, craft, physical education and self development, the department organizes several academic activities such as talks and workshops by eminent people in the field of education that contribute to the learning of students and contributes to their perspective building. Regular field visits, assignments and projects that break the barrier of the classroom walls and encourage the students to explore their physical and social environment form an integral part of the teaching learning process of this programme.

The Curriculum Laboratory is equipped with a smart board and the Resource Room provides students an access to   books, documents, reports and several other study materials   in physical and online forms. The main library of the college houses a number of books and journals specific to the area of education and the pool is updated every year. The department has also initiated the Giju Bhai Memorial Lecture Series with an aim to provide a forum to promote a new ambience and discourse in elementary education. AAGAAZ the annual education festival brings together the fraternity of B.El.Ed students and faculty every year to engage in academic discussions as well as creative activities in the area of education. Our ex- students are invited for the event and they avail this opportunity to renew their ties with the alma mater.

The department has a faculty of 10 teachers to facilitate the learning in students and our annual intake is of 35 students. It creates opportunities for the students to discover their strengths and maximise their potential. The programme instils in its students a deep desire to learn, drive to excel, motivation for action and reflective thinking all of which are prerequisites to be the change makers in education.  The students develop a critical understanding of the systemic issues and social dynamics of the school system as well as the institutional structures that govern the society at large. Our graduates are competent administrators, professional teachers and reflective practitioners capable of fulfilling the role of elementary school teachers as envisaged in the vision of the programme.

The Department has been granted research projects under the Innovation Programs ,Delhi University for the years 2012-13 and  2013-14.

e-mag of Department of Education

The Department of Elementary Education, JMC announces the launch of e-mag titled " Beyond Boundries " . It is an open forum to create a dialogue and seek reader's outlook on comtemporary issues. This year our foucs is on NO DETENTION POLICY . Also read exclusive interviews of Dr. Jitendra Nagpal and Ms. Veena Kakkar on diverse childhood issues .

The Department of Elementary Education facilitates the placement of its students and in the past years several prestigious schools, NGOs and organizations in the field of curriculum development have recruited our students through the on campus placements. Many students graduating from the B.El.Ed programme of Jesus and Mary College go for higher studies in different disciplines. Several of our students are pursuing their higher studies and research degrees from abroad.