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Department of ECONOMICS

The Economics Dept was set up in 1969 with a few teachers among whom were Ms Menon, Ms P Malhotra and Mrs Rekha Jain. At present the dept has 6 faculty members.

The dept offers Hons prog in economics and economics as a discipline course in BA program.

The department organises a number of co curricular and extra curricular activities related to economics like talks by eminent economists. Dr. ManMohan Singh, the present Prime Minister of India, addressed students when he was the Finance Minister in the union cabinet. Talks are organised on subjects like the stock market , research methodology, sampling methods etc. The talk on the stock market was aimed at providing the student an introduction on the instruments that are commonly used in the stock market. The students are also counselled on  opportunities available to them in the field of  economics and finance. In the talk on research methodology the students were introduced to the systematic science of conducting research and the steps involved in conducting sample survey.

Panel discussions and talks are also held on subjects like entrepreneurship and start ups.

Students have been involved in the preparation of a report for a UNDP conference on Transgender Issues over the winter break. The First year students were involved in projects guided by researchers from TERI Planning Commission and IIFT.

The Economics course provides an understanding of economics and helps develop  insights into social and political issues that impact the world.